Ok, here's the scenario.

Chatting with a dude on Scruff.

Looks nice in his thumbnail...nice pecs under a T shirt....but his full sized pic is very pixelated and is cropped by the screen, so it's hard to recognize his face.

I can tell by that thumbnail that he works out. I ask what gym. Answer is the same gym as I do. About what time of day? Same time as I do. Ok. Then I have probably seen this guy. And when I look hard at his pixelated pic, I think I recognize him. I have never spoken to this guy at the gym. So I know nothing about him personally.

I ask him two questions on Scruff to confirm my suspicions.

This is where the pervy rating comes in. What two questions might you ask a gym member to confirm his identity? I want to see how pervy my questions were compared to yours.

Tell you what I asked after we see a few responses.