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    Mar 16, 2012 5:17 PM GMT
    Has anyone had and been successfully treated for a pinched nerve in the neck? I'm not 100% that's what my problem is, but I'm in the process with my doctors of diagnosing an evolving problem. I'm not looking for medical advice, but rather shared experiences.

    About a month+ ago, I noticed minor neck discomfort and a painful and sizable 'knot' on my right shoulder blade/scapula area. I had two massages which helped relieve the immediate sharp pain, but then experienced radiating pain to shoulder and arm. Then, my shoulder, bicep and forearm started aching.

    This is when I went in for x-rays. My doctor said take 3 Advil 3x a day for a week and they'd follow up.

    Then things evolved. I started experiencing arm numbness and my arm falling 'asleep' and hand/fingers tingling. This is ongoing as we speak.

    Also I've lost the ability to flex my right pec and while I used to be able to crank out 30-40 consecutive pushups, I cannot muster 2+ legit pushups right now without my arm buckling when lowering myself. So, I'm not even engaging some chest/back muscles which is extremely frustrating.

    My doctor called yesterday after analyzing the x-rays and said I need to come in for an MRI. They said a few things could be going on - herniated disc, degeneration, pinch nerve - but an MRI would tell us significantly more

    I'm awaiting the MRI appointment and results and hopefully will get that done by Monday/Tuesday and start seeing a sports medicine/orthopedic doctor who specializes in neck/spine.

    I'm optimistic this is treatable and I will fully recover, but nerve stuff makes me nervous - especially this sensation in my arm/hands which is more frequent than not at this point!

    Anyone experience and treat something similar?
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    Mar 16, 2012 7:45 PM GMT
    If it's only been a couple of months and they can localize the lesion to a specific part that in amenable to surgical decompression, you'll be fine. The outcome depends ultimately on what the lesion is and where it is. You need to see that spine guy (or nerve guy, as this may be a plexus problem as opposed to a nerve root issue) sooner rather than later though.
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    Mar 16, 2012 10:24 PM GMT
    Actually, I've experienced MUCH of what you've experienced/are experiencing. For the pinched nerve in my upper back/shoulder blade, a heating pad does wonders to alleviate the pain. For the numbness in my arm, down to my fingers, I have to just make sure my arm is at an appropriate angle, whether sleeping or typing or whatever. For my bicep issues, I wrapped it every night to keep the warmth localized and it went away pretty quickly.

    Also, part of the numbness gets worse when I am on my computer. My shoulders have always been very sensitive to my posture and overall ergonomics when working on my computer. Resting on the arm rests on my chair or on my desk puts my shoulder at a very odd angle, and it seems to put strain on my body and it affects my circulation/nerves. I make sure to use a separate mouse on my laptop, and not the touch pad on the laptop itself. again, I make sure my posture is really good so that I am not resting on my arms, causing undue stress on my shoulders/back/arms. I've even resorted to putting the mouse on the opposite side (I'd have to use the mouse by crossing my right arm across my body) and this helped tremendously.
    This also applies while I'm driving. I don't rest either arms on either arm rest.

    I'm no doctor, but this really helped me through some of my issues this week. It progressed to just being more and more painful the past 3 weeks. I've had this issue in the past few years and have pretty much done the same routine to "cure" it and it's worked.

    A girl in my former work office had her arm in a sling one day. I asked her what was happening, and she had much of the same symptoms as I did. I gave her my suggestions, and she didn't have to go back to the doctor for her shoulder issues.
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    Mar 16, 2012 10:40 PM GMT
    I share your pain, my research revealed that most likely it is from a C8 nerve pinched. Went to ER yesterday, which showed C5,6,7 with degenration.
    Was given painkiller and muscle relaxer, the pain killer provided little to no relief from the pain, the muscle relaxer helped. Went to chiroprator and told him that I had been sleeping on a heating pad, he recommended ice pad instead, said the heat only further inflamed the nerve. I have pain in my neck, arm and numbness in outside fingers of right hand. This had been on going for six weeks.