A Moment in TimeSpace: Looking at the Beginning of All Things

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    Mar 18, 2012 4:34 PM GMT
    This is a collection of ideas and thoughts I've been turning over - so bear with me if it gets a little jumbled.


    Most human religious traditions contain a "creation myth" where a creative actor or a group of actors (most commonly, a triad of actors) collaborate in the cosmogeny -

    Norse pagan mythology had Oðinn and his brothers Vili and Ve; Greek mythology had Gæa, Ouranos, and Pontus; and Christianity has its triad in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Or the Hindu triad of Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva.

    Common elements include a period/place of chaos - a state of ultimate disorder - preceding the "instantiation" of the universe, an undefined/undefinable condition where all matter, energy, and spirit are compressed into a singularity.

    The creative agent(s) or processes - the "gods", for a lack of a better descriptive term to describe that unified force that "unbound" the primordial singularity seem to roughly correspond to aspects of gods early humans used to categorize the (now split and somewhat more discernible natural forces)...

    ...The Creator (Yah'Shua/Jesus, who in his human incarnation is identified with Adam, of the "earth", along with Gæa or Brahma)

    ...The Judge/Father (Yahweh El Shaddai, who is identified with the sky, along with Ouranos or Shiva)

    ...The (Holy) Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh, who can be identified with water and fire, along with Pontus or Vishnu)

    Now in science - particularly in physics, there is much discussion concerning the unification of the fundamental forces - gravity, electromagnetism, and strong and weak nuclear force (and possibly quintessence)...

    These forces, while not "gods", were bound as a unified force at that one instant of singularity - and broken out into their current forms, which as TimeSpace decompressed (observable to us over billions of years, but possibly "unravelling" in the apparent space of a few nanoseconds spreading out over several billion light-years.

    This could be accounted for the description of God in the Hebrew Bible as "stretching out the sky as a scroll".

    Conservation of Matter, Energy, and Spirit

    These three components are necessary for life to exist.

    As with the analogues to the "gods", there is a rough correlation - matter being very tangible as "earth", air (or more particularly the heavens and especially the sun) as Energy, and water (or fire) as being symbolic of the spirit.

    None of these things can be truly "destroyed"; they can be combined and transformed into different shapes and forms.

    And all are necessary for life: a living organism must have matter, energy, and a portion of spirit (conceivably down to microbial and viral levels, where the portion of spirit and energy and matter is microscopic, yet in large numbers can have devastating effects on their host/environment).

    Consider how out of sorts you might "feel" spiritually when you are afflicted by a severe cold or flu that goes beyond just being tired or feverish; but rather that oppressed, "sick to your bones" feeling - that may well be the spiritual mass of the virus/microbes feeding upon or displacing your spirit's connection to your body. In some cases, such an infection could proceed to the point of severing the host's spirit's connection to the body ("crushing the golden bowl and cutting the silver cord" as referenced in Ecclesiastes), eventually resulting in the death of the host, as the microbes consume the last of the host organism's available energy, or matter (in terms of breaking down key life-sustaining functions.

    At this point, life is ended; the body decays, energy depletes into the surrounding environment as the corpse grows colder to match the surrounding "room" temperature, and the spirits of the dying microbes and the dead host are returned to the "void" to be drawn into new life that is formed.

    That's pretty much it for now. icon_razz.gif
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    Apr 08, 2012 7:04 AM GMT
    interesting synthesis...

    The way I tend to categorise it for myself is thus:

    1) at the top of the pyramid, beyond empty space, beyond understanding, beyond the mind realms, beyond anything imaginable or describable in the world of concepts, lies the infinite source of all.. it cannot be named and does not influence us here.. hence why in most religions there is a taboo on saying names of such a high "power" for lack of a better word.. Lilith was killed in older versions of the Creation story, for "pronouncing G-d's unpronouncable true name"... this realm beyond realms can arguably be experienced within such states of mind as "moksha, nirvana, enlightenment, salvation" or whatever name you would like to give it... since it cannot adequately be named anyway... in that state, everything is nameless.. existence itself is only an eternal now, there is no real time, since time itself cannot be conceptualised.. also, such a concept is cryptic in many religions, and many will say that this "non-entity" could not create the world, but that that task is relegated to beings that come out of this existence into the lesser level, which can be found in level two

    2) the layer below this is what many may call "heaven, the other side, the world of spirits" etc.. at this level there is already a sense of reality, but not a physical reality... in it, we can form mental concepts, and souls can exist without bodies... in it, there is such things as conintuity, energy, finiteness, and it is what we can begin to think and feel in, and it is the level we tap into when we do things such as shamanic journeys, blessing holy water, chasing away demons etc... at this level, good and evil can thus exist, as it can exist, and for existence, we need the opposites of the coin, the male and the female, the yin and the yang etc.. basically, this is the world of ideals in Plato's sense.. the world of shadows, and in it, gods can be worshipped as spirits of the natural world, or souls of the departed may be, shapeshifting is possible, and contact with other worlds (even other physical ones in other physical dimensions) can be made.. it is where ideas are formed before they can be brought into the material reality.. here also, we form "beliefs" about causation, which are ideas about the mechanics of the material world.. it is the world of psychology and of the psyche, the world of dreams.. we can create ideas freely here out of absolutely nothing

    3) the layer at its lowest I would call the material world... (in many religions there is also an underworld, or a hell, but I personally would equate those two with "evil" or "dark" versions of both the material and the spiritual realms).. at this physical, material level,... we have bodies.. and ideas cannot come into reality without the aid of actual physical forces.. we cannot create things out of nothing here, we need resources, unlike at the other level.... at this level, science is possible, since this is the world that can be measured... by contrast... the second and first levels can not be proven, only experienced by ourselves in the mind or beyond it, since at those levels we cannot measure.. here, at the material, third level, mechanics operate, irrespective of our beliefs about them, it is a purely sensual world, one that can be experienced through physical senses... It is a more Aristotelian world if you will.. it is however, greatly controlled by the second level.. as our souls operate our bodies and our thoughts and concepts influence our actions, as well as that our actions may be influenced by entities without bodies who operate on us from the second level, such as the souls of the deceased who have not reincarnated, or the anima that many say infuses all material things

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    Apr 08, 2012 7:07 AM GMT
    I find both of your posts very interesting. Thanks for sharing.