Doing my bit for international communications.

I met a lovely guy last night from Dallas, we had a great chat about all manner of things. He found it interesting the many ways we use the word piss.

So.... when we say Im pissed that means we are drunk.
A bit pissy means a little bit drunk.
On the piss means drinking.
Im pissed off means Im angry.
Taking the piss means we are having a lend of you, making a good hearted joke at your expense.
Piss weak/ poor means very little poor effort has been put in.

along the same lines
*When you say you'll be rooting for us we laugh as rooting means fucking
*Fanny means vagina not arse.

I hope he is having a good day he got incredibly sun burnt laying by the pool yesterday afternoon. Poor thing has been sent out to whoop whoop for an Oil company. (whoop whoop is no mans land usually in the outback) where the men are men and not always in a good way icon_lol.gif