Ok. I have a half marathon that I'm pretty sure I can enter in July, should I still be around in Birmingham (hope not). Its from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, entitled the Birmingham Black Country Run. The route is basically the canal (I have fooled at least 3 people by saying "it does sound a bit wet" and 1 of them is still thinking we actually run in the canal). Its not as flat as it sounds as there are a suprising number of risings. It ends in Brindleyplace, a nicer bit of Birmingham (honest!) where there are bars and cafes so I'll be good for a Guinness after.

Anyway, I'm starting out again after giving the running a rest due to my knees, the underneath which are not feeling sore but slightly strained. I'm massaging them more, doing extended stretches after and generally looking after them. (Two of my mates have said I should stop spending so much time on the knees but lets not go there).

So - right now I've crawled up from 5 miles to 8 miles, just increasing the running by a mile each week. I've now found a new route, taking in a nice park or two, and once I extend it I get to run alongside a canal. No timing as of yet, I want to get used to the distance before start doing race training etc.

My PB is 1 hour 35. I doubt this is the race to beat that, but I am aiming to get around 1 hour 40, in which case I'd be happy.

Plan : train 3 times a week, increasing weekly by a mile until I get used to distance. Need to drink less coffee (if you did my job you'd understand my 5 cups a day habit) and more water during week - the last run I did I kept boking (Scottish word for wretching, we have several words for throwing up) and a trainer reckons its because I'm dehydrated. It tends to happen when I'm really pushed to the limit and is slightly embarrasing during a race. I'm never actually sick, just make the noises. When the boking starts, the other runners seem to part for me so at least I can get to to the finish line in a clear path.

More in two weeks time.