Do you ever pay attention to a shadow? Do you ever pay attention to the glimpse of darkness in a crowded room? Or do you run away in fear of being introduced to the unknown gloom? Do you walk the hallways, streets, and rooms with your head held high while the shadow is about to cry? Do you ever smile at a stranger without the worry of being in danger? Do you include everyone in without the mentality of gaining a win? Do you do nice gestures without being told? Or do you do them so you can have a certificate of appreciation to hold? Would you help a person drowning in the sea? Or would you just look the other way and say “it isn’t me?” Does your internal strength depend on your accomplishments? Does it depend on your emotional sanity? Or does it depend on helping a lost soul climbing out of a draining hole? Are you still able to smile knowing that someone else’s life is in a scattered pile? Does it make your happiness worth while? Are you helping someone move along even when things in your life are going terribly wrong? Are you bothered by the sound of their voices, even when they are just asking for guidance on how to make the right choices?