constructing the perfect protein synthesis drink? Have the ingredients with some loose ends.

  • Artesin

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    Mar 21, 2012 3:01 AM GMT
    So ive got a 12 pound bag of maltodextrin, 10 lbs of dextrose, 10 lbs of whey, 1 lb of egg white protein, creatine and glutamine. Im going to do a ratio of 1 carb and 1 protein while mixing my two carb sources.

    My problems now consist of serving size, additives, taste and creatine/glutamine content. Ultimately I would need to know how much protein the body can use at once as each scoop at those ratios would probably have about 12g of protein and 24g of carbs.

    Is egg protein more effective before or after a workout or doesnt it really matter?

    How much glutamine/creatine should be added to reduce muscle fatigue and get me through the workout? With that should a certain amount of water be consumed with larger amounts of both of these?

    What else can I add to make this more effective or even to enhance the taste? each ingredient is tasteless so its relatively chalky in just water, adding cocoa didnt help so is there something I could mix it into that doesnt really upset the protein to carb ratio and doesnt contain fat?

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  • mikey_101

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    Mar 21, 2012 9:55 AM GMT
    This sounds way more complcated than it should be!

    I'm guessing from your other threads your trying to get to the science behind this all and are keen to use the base ingredients?

    If your cool about using processed suplaments as the base products, you could save yourself all this time and pigyback on the research that the comercial protein poweder manufacturers have done already.

    They already provide products with these ingredients in ratios that work.

    *Disclaimer - please take this in the way it was intended - to help you look at your problem from another angle.