HATE-BUS is a comin'!!!!...(as expected)

Freedom to Marry-Ohio, GetEqual OH, and other groups and individuals WILL be taking a stand !!!

Several National organizations have been contacted for additional support.

Here are the towns/dates:
Ideally, we'd like folks in EACH of these towns to throw a "counter-protest", of some sort... everything from building an event page, to rallying up troops, getting signs made, right up to the event itself,is needed for each town.
Message me... if YOU would like to coordinate the effort in one of these towns...with HELP, of course!!
Steubenville 4/9
Columbus 4/10 ~ taken
Cincy 4/11 ~ taken
Franklin 4/12
Findley 4/13
Toledo 4/14 ~ taken
Westlake 4/15
Cuyahoga Falls 4/15 ~ taken

Some of the exact locations and times are not yet listed.
Be a LEADER, with us, in YOUR town... against BIGOTRY!!
Event pages and more details coming.