Best iPad 3 Apps Free & Paid


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    Mar 23, 2012 5:37 AM GMT
    Hiya guys I'm new to the iPad 3 and would like to know the best free and paid apps to have on the iPad that there is.

    What apps do you have on your iPad also got the iPhone 4S but since I got the iPad 3 haven't used it ever since only for calls and texts.

    Ive only got a 16GB wifi and 4G version (3G) so not much space but the iPhone has 32GB so using that for music mainly. On the iPad I manly watch live tv such as tvcatchup the best then sky UK version to HBO Sky Go and Sky Movies and live romanian tv (Dolce TV) and ofcourse apps like Facebook, Simpsons Tapped Out a very addicted game, Grindr gay app, Boyahoy gay app, TuneIn radio app, ITV player, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Demand 5 and finally yahoo messenger.
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    Mar 27, 2012 4:28 AM GMT
    Here are some of my favorite apps for iPhone 4S (aside from the main ones like Facebook).

    - Simpsons Tapped Out (I love this game too. Add me if you want. My user name is phoebusdolak)
    - 1.FM (I use this app for listening to trance music)
    - Pulse News (I use it to get some quick news)
    - TurboScan (I use it to turn my written notes into PDF)
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    Mar 27, 2012 4:47 AM GMT
    Some apps that pop off the top of my head, note these aren't new iPad specific just great apps I've come across...

    Splashtop - Great if you have other PCs, gives you pretty much full control over them both through your home network and online. Works best for MMO gamers, but you can pretty much use any computer from your iPad and do anything. GREAT way to get around the lack of flash.

    AirVideo - If you have a media (seeing as this is RJ, substitute media for porn) collection, it's by far the best app for streaming it to an iOS device. It took me a grand 10 seconds to setup after installing it. Everything plays flawlessly.

    Atomic Web Browser - Great alternative browser, ad blocking, multitouch gestures. full screen mode, generally faster than Safari. My only nitpick is lack of password saving.

    Pulse/Flipnote - Consolidates news sources to your interests and adds social networking shiz. Most people use Flipnote, but I prefer Pulse myself. It sort of gives you everything you want to see all at once, letting you choose what you want to read.

    As fat as retina supporting apps, it's basically media, so that is based on what you're looking for. Games? Comics? Video? Magazines? I can list some off if you're interested.

    Also just gonna toss this out here. I've had a Spotify premium account for a few months now and I love it. This coupled with Audiogalaxy pretty much gives you access to anything you want to hear without ever having to save it to your device. I always have some sort of connection to the Internet no matter where I am, so it's great. Definitely worth trying out (I think you can get a month free).