Rainmaker looking for a thunderstorm!


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    Mar 24, 2012 3:17 PM GMT

    YOURS TRULY, THE RAINMAKER!!....Listen to these verses, they are the lips of my Soul talking to you. Whenever the petals of your budding self within feels as if is burned or scorched by everyday living; LOOK UP AND INHALE, as these raindrops (words) will be glad to shower you with the gentle rains of my love for you!! are you angry and frustrated!? its o.k, I welcome your thunder (anger or frustrations) compliment the lighting I have trapped within!! the negative and positive ions fills the air between our body, mind , and soul; can you feel it? I can just smell the essence (sweat) of our being, like mist, beginning to fill in the spaces between us…ahhhhhhhhhh; and as we both dance together in this sky I call life, why not make music together and try to make sense of our existence!? does your body feel like is burning up because it is deprived from the loving caresses(warmth) of a human touch? you are in luck, because my being is a cloud swelled with so many tears from traveling so many oceans alone, that now is ready and willing to share with you a downpour of e-motions that I am sure lies still within us! Love is a storm of emotions, so why not let its Spring rains begin to downpour on you and me!! physical or emotional attraction, whatever it means to you, whether it feels good or bad, is the April showers that soon will bring the May flowers! spread the word, let it pour!!

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    Mar 24, 2012 6:34 PM GMT
    Very erotic vid, like the music too. I put that one in my favourites. Also, like the writing below the vid. Good passion.