Your Original Poetry

  • jsowneon

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    Mar 26, 2012 10:07 PM GMT
    Post your original poetry whether venting or inspiring. Feel free to explain what inspired you to wright it.

    Here's mine...


    Shinning brighter then you ever did before,
    Your true self showing through your core,
    Just being seen isn’t the same as showing,
    Within your control if we’re all knowing,
    In the darkness you await the chance,
    To show bright form for just a glance,
    I view of your soul even if just for breath,
    Lasting inspiration long after we’ve left,
    Each flicker makes the mind want more,
    To delve deeper into your core,
    To find the truth inside our self,
    Some purpose or emotional wealth,
    Your flame so small but for you so bright,
    Illuminating the dark corners of your own life,
    Your beacon even if just for a moment,
    Could ignite our own light of fulfillment,
    Power is less with size and more with meaning,
    For the shortest spark can still affect our own being.
  • commoncoll

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    Mar 26, 2012 10:55 PM GMT
    Oh man, this reads like a Theodore Roethke(?) poem. Very emotional without being pedantic. Nice job. Though I do hope you have copyrighted it somewhere.
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    Mar 27, 2012 12:19 AM GMT
    Hey man. I used to be a really big fan of posting my poetry online until a few years ago. One of my friends told me that he had his poems stolen and posted on random websites under other peoples' names. Copyright your art whenever possible!
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    Mar 27, 2012 2:49 AM GMT
    jsowneon, it is very true people may try to steal your work, but none the less it was a very well written poem and it would be great if we could get some more on here from you!
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    Mar 27, 2012 2:54 AM GMT
    Always dig these threads.

    Haven't written in years.

    My heart got silent after the 2nd heartbreak in 3 years.

    Now, I'm all business and pleasure.

    Nothing seems right.
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    Mar 27, 2012 3:00 AM GMT
    Ive got tons of it.. I put it to song.. check my profile for em
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    Mar 27, 2012 3:15 AM GMT
    Here are a few poems. Just when i get bored.
    Also this is a site with some of my quotes on it. If any one wants to see em


    A love so hard it destroyed me
    A love so painful it engulfed me
    A love so strong it overcame me
    A love I wish I could have shared

    It's wasted
    It's used
    It's taken
    It's renewed
    It flys
    It dies
    It even says goodbye
    It's up
    It's out
    It's what life is about
    It can be good or it can be strange
    But I agree with the one who said it's time for a change

    I lie here in my bed with nothing else to keep me sane
    My tears flow down my jaw, with each dropp I feel more pain
    All alone always and it finally has broken me down
    I can’t even scream but I cry in my pillow so loud yet not making a sound
    No one will care, they never have and the smiles are just for show
    I thought if I tried real hard at life, that my happiness would grow
    But the more I tried the more I failed and now I feel weak
    Where is the joy of life and the pleasure that I seek
    Always being made fun of, neglected and disrespected
    when I know its not deserved
    While the people who are normal have no voice and they just sit and observe
    All alone always and it has finally broken me down
    I’ve fallen into such a depression, deeper than any hole in the ground
    I have given up on love and the idea of passion and friends
    The rest of my life will be long and painful and have a miserable end
    My sexuality is questioned, and my life is not in style
    My spirit is not athletic and my face is not made to smile
    The family that I have is a family I don’t know
    And the word friend, is just a synonym for “so”
    My heart beats harder, and harder with regret
    I horror the fact that I even tried to forget
    I wanted to break out of my anxiety and loneliness so bad
    Now that I failed, I never imagined I could be so sad.
    All alone always and it has finally broken me down
    My tears flood in my room;and no one cares that I drown.

    Black Noise
    I am an African American, and this is my opinion,
    I am sick of fake artist and their following minions,
    It makes me sick to my stomach and does my mind no good,
    How is it every black rapper is always from the hood,
    How is it that everyone had to struggle, and be bad to get by,
    Are all black rappers from the projects or is it just a lie,
    I just listen to the songs and i feel so vexed,
    Surely there is more to talk about than money and sex,
    Now in songs where that isnt mentioned I give it a shrug,
    Because if those are not hinted then it is all about drugs,
    Now usually these don't bother me, so I give my silence,
    But then another topic is thrown in and we call it violence,
    If there is actualy talent I cannot tell,
    From what I see, music died, and went to hell,
    Where's the Rippertons, Houstons, and Earth Wind and Fire,
    These are the artist who lifted Black Music Higher,
    You cant even drive down the street without hear a vulgar song,
    I just hate it, because the message it sends is so wrong,
    Its okay to express life, because it is not always good,
    But you should be telling kids to get out, not rep for their hood,
    When I watch the shows of the ones who mad it big,
    Why are they still rapping and acting like they never did,
    It bothers me as a black boy in a urban place,
    I guess I say this because I have a classier taste,
    I know I am being judgemental but I show no remorse,
    I would like to have one song that did not mention intercourse,
    Sex sells, and that, I cannot deny,
    It sells so much that millions partake and eventually, die,
    Children see them on tv and they are who they want to be,
    But the people on the screen are different from you and me,
    Many just want to get rich and want it with haste,
    But millions never make it and that time is just a waste,
    Where are the songs about education and being good role models,
    They are far and between compared to the ones about popping bottles,
    This again is my opinion and the purpose is not to offend,
    But how can we be good when all that is promoted is sin,
    Where are the songs about giving peace and trust a chance,
    They are non existent, overshadowed by the latest dance,
    I just figured with time musicalty and talent would grow,
    I know realize music died along time ago,
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    Mar 27, 2012 3:17 AM GMT
    Here's two from a poetry workshop from a poetry workshop three years ago. I thought I was a much more coded writer back then. Looking back on this now, not so much.

    No Questions

    There are rings on the table

    Of the maker of my daze;

    The numb solution at ease

    To take away and appease

    (The others and not just me)

    There is lusty lush passion in the fray

    Around the bustle of the crowd

    Housing makers of no questions

    On couches and soaked floors

    We are dulled like old possessions

    With warming ones in our hands;

    There’s no wonder why we talk

    Because there’s no motion to our walk

    And it’s a stagnant drooling stare across the room

    That brings a sting into our hearts.

    The suppression misdirects, aiming for the door

    One too many, or too heavy a heart and you’re stuck kissing the floor

    A Raving Catalyst

    The thigh gets jostled like a stick shift

    before you’re jump-started as to where you are.

    Before your eyes

    the dance burns to a backbeat meant to throttle spines—

    some visceral complicated thing

    urging a relativity between the uncouth

    and the bestowing prodigies

    hounding for the-one-in-the-same

    that’s found before dawn,

    wrapped in sheets,

    awkwardly naked,

    and somehow misplaced.

    The glitz—the delicate stomping ground

    that you’re shadowed in continues to pulse

    without the typical acknowledgement.


    rousing an un-relatable likeness.

    To do the same? On four legs?

    The whiffs of poppers and

    industrialized pheromones lap at your nostrils

    as if you’d lick back

    the body it stains.


    through the shimmer of neon confusion

    invoke a perpetual night of spilled drinks and

    whispers louder than the twitches of small talk.

    They writhe and curl as a common invitation to the bathroom stall.

    They plead, after failure,

    that their backseat waiting in some parking garage

    is more secluded than these flimsy partitions.

    Once there,

    in stall or home—or house,

    in car or on floor,

    no one seems to notice the beauty of toilet lids being

    dashed to glass littered tiles from fits of passion.

    Or the tearing of clothes you can’t afford to replace.

    No one hears their heart explode when they kick at

    the steering wheel’s horn.

    A bed is just a bed,

    another short-lived request.

    There’s no cathartic lapse when you

    find yourself soaked on the floor because the hanging sink you used as

    leverage crumbled beneath the weight

    of could be lovers. There’s no elevation of self and other when

    the ecstasy found between you and him

    is only the size of a pill.

    You could say the glamour before you will fade like the night before.

    Or maybe the night before that one. Or maybe. . .

    Maybe it won’t. You’re only proactive through a catalyst you wish

    could bleach itself. The lights are enticing. The music a mythical siren.

    It’s time to choose who will drive you to wherever privacy cannot be breached.
  • jsowneon

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    Mar 30, 2012 10:14 PM GMT
    As far as the copyright thing goes I've protected myself and anything anyone copies from me they will just be embarrassed if they took it as their own seeing as most of my stuff is posted on many other sites. But if anyone has little imagination feel free to go for it.

    By request here's another one...

    Cleansing Rain

    Wipe the pain from these drowning eyes,
    This soul unable to hold onto your lies,
    No longer will your stories my pain make,
    No longer will your problems my time take,
    Words misleading from your lips spill,
    My head your thoughts intend to fill,
    Gave this so much to get so little,
    These games are like some unsolvable riddle,
    The fire for you has long since dwindled,
    While present words provide no kindle,
    Your empty words have no filling affect,
    Walls now put up with my soul to protect,
    My mistakes are now my own to make,
    Affects from your mistakes I will no longer take,
    Closure from the past has finally come,
    My days inside yours are finally done,
    The clouds that were have now lifted
    Each day that now follows is a gift.
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    Mar 31, 2012 5:12 PM GMT
    "Country Songwriter's Blues"

    My wife is gone,
    my dog is dead;
    Too much booze,
    a throbbin' head.
    Broke the tip,
    of my pencil lead.

    I've got the country songwriter's blues.

  • jsowneon

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    Apr 12, 2012 9:22 PM GMT
    Search for Purpose

    Here I stand invisible before your gazing eyes,
    For my own existence would come as a surprise,
    Thoughts inside my head often tend to roam,
    For even in these crowded rooms my soul feels so alone,
    Inside every moment so much I try to see,
    Inside every minute how much I try to be,
    My purpose measured by your attention,
    My life measured by your affection,
    Here I stand before you an empty shell,
    My words unheard becomes my hell,
    To many times I fade into the distance,
    Unable to overcome all of the resistance,
    My pain overlooked by passers by,
    This soul never able to truly fly,
    Softer and softer this voice gets,
    Not able to find where this life fits,
    Walking in the shadows until the time is right,
    When my soul gives off its own light.
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    Apr 12, 2012 9:42 PM GMT
    My Straight Crush

    A friend I always wanted
    So Masculine and refined
    A friend I always needed,
    So reserved and so kind
    A person who can breaks hearts, so political and so fine
    A friend who can make your heart melt, and send a chill down that spine.

    Eyes that can cut
    A voice that can cure
    A presence that makes me feel both dirty and pure
    Skin that glows, and hair that shine
    Oh Dear God why can't this boy be mine

    My first good male friend, and I fell hard and deep
    Being around him is like the nights where im counting those sheep
    I want to drift off quickly but I want to wake up
    but reality is so cruel sometimes I just feel stuck

    He smiles and talks to me with no judgement in sight
    He ask me about all aspects of me, it just feels so right
    If I could have him, he would be my soul mate
    But he's a straight dude..a reality I hate.

    But there is one thing about this situation that appeals to me
    Even if it's not real, it can still remain my fantasy.
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    Apr 12, 2012 9:44 PM GMT


    The cold wheather isn't why we hold each other so close together frozen forever in ultimate pleasure
    she makes the sun shine in my young mind and in the fun times all of her joy becomes mine
    when we meet my life's complete the reason my heart beats she even sneaks in my dreams when we sleep
    she could make your knees weak and mend the deepest pain even when you feel beaten in defeat she will always remain
    as long as you remember her name (love)

    but she can make you blind to the truth or make you lose your mind when you find the proof all this time she was lyin
    she can break the bravest hearts of men she'll make you stop to think and forget to start again
    then with her seductive grasp we're all sucked into her corrupted past victims to her destructive wrath
    she can turn the wise into fools she wont abide by the rules she's conniving and cruel, it's true
    im sure you've heard of her, (love), the famous murderer

    with her affection our connection forms the strongest bond the essence of life flows forth the source of my passion all along
    hypnotized by her hips and eyes enthralled by her charm under a spell enchanted as she falls in my arms
    the melody of soft bliss whispers lost in a kiss with that moment we shared so thoughtfully missed
    so how can this beauty exist amidst all this despair you rescued me from the abyss with this (love) affair

    Seeing Stars

    To some degree I should've known it would come to be
    i was young and free love what have you done to me
    mesmerized by the night skies we felt so alive inside
    guided by the stars bright lights I was your white knight
    high with excitement in our eyes
    freed in the season of passion and lust was it just a crush
    so brash and abrupt that passed in a rush but you asked for my love
    though I accept none I'm one to give because
    your name cures the pain and settles the hurricane within my disturbed brain
    secure in my claim im inclined to say in blind faith love finds a way
    to shine in dismal times of dismay my minds on cloud nine to stay
    because that day we met I felt renewed
    under the spell of rebellious youth
    my heart melts for you
    I hated the rain till we danced in it
    to tell the truth
    then like the rain,
    I fell for you
    as I took the next step
    I didn't know what to expect
    love is hard to find, easy to lose
    and impossible to forget
    yet in my heart you're never too far
    if the galaxy was ours
    I'd write my love for you in the stars

    Mister right he might be more dazzling and lively than the sight of aphrodite with him beside me it drives me wild there's no explaining even when it's raining the sun shines in his smile
    while his eyes hyptnotize I surrender amidst the splendor of bliss and remember his lips such a sweet tender kiss
    I never knew the meaning of love now I'm dreaming of us
    like someone intervened from above my life needed as much
    Love can sometimes be magic dramatic and confusin
    But magic can sometimes…just be an illusion...
    I can't get you out of my head, no matter what I seem to do
    At night I can't sleep in the day I dream of you
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    Apr 12, 2012 9:51 PM GMT
    This although a sad poem is probably my most famous... I wrote this in about fifteen minutes shortly after my ex-girlfriend ended a 5 year relationship... This I actually had published in a poem compelation book... Enjoyicon_biggrin.gif


    Pain Run Rampant Pain Runs Deep

    I can no longer stand the pain.
    Why must I stand-alone in the cold, hard rain?
    Why must I feel?
    Why must I still care?
    No, no this is not fair.

    My heart in pain, I know not better.
    Why do I stand in the cold hard weather?
    Pain run rampant, pain runs deep.
    I cry all night, I can not sleep.
    I must run. I must hide.
    Why does the love I have stay inside?
    Pain run rampant, pain runs deep.
    I must hide. I must sleep.

    For the love that is gone is the love no more.
    Why, do I still adore?
    For in my heart I still have much care.
    Love no more, but still love there.
    Where had it gone?
    I know not where.

    Why this pain? Why, here and now?
    No more, no more, I must drown.
    Drown, my sorrows, drown my sadness.
    I feel such pain.
    Why this madness?

    Pain run rampant, pain runs deep.
    A bleeding heart, why can I not sleep?

    All alone now, and the next day.
    Cold in my bed, only sad thoughts plague my head.
    Oh my love, why did you leave? Do you not see that I have a need?
    The need is you. I need you now.
    To hold you and love you forever.
    I will show you how.

    Love, no more.
    The love is gone.
    But mine; be still for that one.
    I will wait for that moment of return.
    Then my heart will no longer burn.
    Pain run rampant the pain runs deep.
    I must stop.
    I must sleep.

    Pain run rampant the pain oh so deep.
    I still love you. Still I can not sleep

  • jsowneon

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    Apr 12, 2012 9:58 PM GMT
    Out of breath

    Drowning sounds escape the waters crest,
    paddling hard but my body needs its rest,
    feel hands pulling me into the dark abyss,
    when the water calms will my body be missed,
    shores too far off to make me feel safe,
    should I give in and accept my fate,
    letting the cold shadows swallow me hole,
    allowing the darkness to fill up my soul,
    no hands left to catch me if I fall,
    so easy to give in and lose it all,
    to shaded eyes the light feels so blinding,
    to this pale skin the sun beams are burning,
    shelter found in these dark shadows,
    but in the shadows the demons grow,
    confusing my senses of what's up and down,
    try to move forward but feet deep in the ground,
    the keys to locked doors unable to find,
    is it too much for a little peace of mind,
    my thoughts becoming my newest enemy,
    even with eyes closed these demons I see,
    reach up my hands to feel the warming air once more,
    seeing one more blue sky before my body hits the ocean's floor.
  • Fact

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    Apr 12, 2012 10:00 PM GMT
    If time were something we could control
    it would live forever no matter how old
    A life of luxury lust and wonder

    Time is our limit without it we'd thrive
    Never be late or too early to arrive
    Our days would be of mystery
    Our days would have many stories

    If time wasn't a man made thing where would we be?

    If time wasn't of the essence would we have history?

    If time could be more than something on our watches
    Or a limiting factor of life's progression

    Could we relate it to the rise of Jesus' resurrection?

    if only time wasn't that one thing we can't control
    Then we'd be out to thrive and be told
    By elders who stay old
    To Youngsters who stay young

    That we live in a new era where time doesnt matter

    No story would be to long no poem to short

    It'd all be at ease with our hearts

    If time was something we could control
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    Apr 12, 2012 10:50 PM GMT
    Try Harder

    I lean to kiss you, yet you pulled away
    I wanted to talk, you had nothing to say
    I said hello, and then you went away
    When I put in work, you wanted to play

    I wanted you to hold me, but you let me go
    I wanted it to be yes, but it was always no
    I needed you to heat me up, but you left me in the cold
    I was a piece of you, but you were my whole.

    I gave you the universe, but you gave me a state
    You turned my love, into bitterness and hate
    I thought we had more than love, but a real friendship
    But that aswell as our relationship soon started to slip

    I need you to be there, I need you to care
    I want us to be together, and I want us to share
    Let me in your heart, because you are in my soul
    I acknowledge you as my treasure, my prize, my gold.

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    Apr 12, 2012 11:50 PM GMT
    This thread is deeper than neptune hahaha
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    Apr 13, 2012 4:50 PM GMT
    jack228 saidThis thread is deeper than neptune hahaha

    We're getting all EMO =P
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    Apr 15, 2012 7:48 AM GMT
    dragondevil said
    jack228 saidThis thread is deeper than neptune hahaha

    We're getting all EMO =P

    hahaha no doubt

    tired of placatin satan
    I awaken shakin
    contemplatin takin my own life's forsaken
    warped morphed and sordid
    reality is distorted
    it's hard to see what's important
    when thieves and greed are rewarded
    evil deeds supported
    innocence I can't afford it
    everyday I pray for it
    no way to restore it
    tortured at war within
    no hope remains in my broken frame
    only corrosive pain
    despair erodes my brain
    I'm going insane
    to maintain in the commotion
    my eyes remain disguised with no emotion
    frozen cold and lifeless
    could I control this crisis
    if my soul was righteous?
    lord forgive me for my moment of weakness
    alone im sleepless attonement I seek this

    envision what I've writtin
    my addiction
    transmittin descriptions through my diction
    then spittin with hidden whit to make you submit to my conviction
    rippin a lyric expedition that I'm kick in quick with some fiction mixed in
    my prediction is no limits or restriction
    my comprehension's beyond this dimension
    ladies and gents can I have your attention
    it aint hard to take part and stay as I start to relay
    the work of art for today take to heart what I say
    participate as I articulate a cryptic tale with a twisted fate
    a gifted male in a sadistic place
    times sucked for jack his luck was scrap
    bankrupt and trapped trust in that he was just another nut to crack
    extremely depressed as a teen in distress obscene and a mess
    obsession drove him to be a fiend on a quest,
    expectin the worst, but dreamed for the best,
    caught up in plots and schemes for success
    whatever it takes even if it means no rest
    meaning no less to infest your brain
    with lyrics that suppress the stress and pain
    invest his interests to impress on a quest for fame
    this one is unfinished

    Jack: Scramblin free of this calamity cause my family can't handle me and suicidal fantasies only add to the insanity how do I become the man I plan to be as I stand to achieve my destiny when all that's left of me is stress festering an empty chest and messy debris,
    God: Son let me give your distress some relief, you're obsessed as can be, do you finally believe that I blessed you to see, through all of your suffering you now possess the key, and you can rest with ease if you simply confess to believe,
    Jack: Yes,
    Devil: please do you really want them to lend their ears when they only pretend to hear, we've been friends for years, no need to end the tears,
    Jack: No, this time I won't descend in to fear, with the grace of god I return loyal to earn spoils from these inner turmoils,
    God: Yes I gave you life, now lead it with virtue, evil can't hurt you as I will never desert you, only nurture you through the journeys you pursue, I urge you, walk with God and let the light purge you
    Devil: but it was he that cursed you, who are you of mice and men you're whole life has been vice and sin, now pay the price my "friend"
    Jack:No! Even in hell your heart's cold to the core, like I told you before and showed you the door, I'm tired of trying to scold and deplore, though my soul's at war, this time I'll just withold and ignore
    God: As it should be to end his reign, let my grace wash over you like a cleansing rain that mends your pain,
    this ones unfinished too

    time to get wreckless and hectic
    roudy sex and sweat expect it
    infectious electric effects sick
    bitch on an X trip get your neck bit
    quick get ready for the next hit
    shit your turn to burn a swisher
    bitches strictly stick to the dick don't kiss her
    split her hips like a fissure
    drill her clit till it blisters
    drunk off a mixture of lust and liquor
    no one's sicker my thoughts are toxic
    a romp in the sack with me
    is like gettin caught in a mosh pit

    the government hiding the truth from people,
    the greed of mankind fertilizing the roots of evil,
    the abuse is lethal cruel and deceitful
    politics is a lost abyss
    we're doomed to apocalypse
    these evil thoughts eclipse a viable solution
    the government's vile institution corrupt with maniacle pollution,
    reality is a nightmarish illusion
    so I write in seclusion fighting confusion
    despite my conclusion we have no control
    I still devote my role to provoke hope in the soul
    ive broken the hold and rose from the depths of desperation
    but now we stand facin damnation
    so is this land worth savin
    or do we abandon creation?
    No these words spoken are vibrant
    and have broken the silence
    we've awoken a sleepin giant to triumph over greed and tyrants
    with our alliance to escape atrocity
    and reinstate democracy
    our fate the prophecy
    the declaration of a forsaken prodigy
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    Apr 15, 2012 7:59 AM GMT
    why do i always have to remind people... the first rule of contemporary poetry clubs is


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    Apr 15, 2012 8:04 AM GMT
    calibro saidwhy do i always have to remind people... the first rule of contemporary poetry clubs is












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    Apr 15, 2012 8:07 AM GMT
    I'll contribute something. I write prose poetry.

    The sort of, bubbled snap of a twisted ankle. Daniel opened the door for me, yet it was not him, but rather he who was the only one who could carry my weight through (he and only he). I hobbled through the common room of our student studios, still with drunk smirk and shuttered eyes. I threw myself on the filthy couch thrown between our two spaces. I couldn't speak really. But I could think. Even beneath the pathetic inebriation I could think. I could think of him, and only him. He took off my boots as I heard Daniel somewhere off in the distance of that cement expanse. He took my boots off and laid them next to each other close to me. He walked off for a while to his studio, as I felt my feet cooling slowly beneath the studio vents. And then he threw a blanket on me (how does an art student produce such a marvel?). And then darkness. I felt that blanket, his blanket, slowly and gently with my hands there in the black. And I thought of him, and only him. Beneath the metallic cricket of our student studio vents. Him and only him. Drowned in cabernet poison, quarter and sixteenth notes of tangerine and fragrant elm. Him and only him. In that shaded night I limped over to the studio sink and sucked water from its faucet. I'd woken with a mouth of chalk, alone in that strange home and non-home. Thirst. Emptiness. Alcohol.

    The morning gave the palest light into that space, somewhere off near Tatiana's studio, the only privileged room with a window in our basement. I sat up and wrapped his blanket around me, imagining him as he walked on the wet lawns of the University back to his student apartments. The heartburn of wine washed over me in acidic waves, frothing with guilt and a dull remorse. I'd poisoned myself yet again so he could take care of me. Care for me and walk off silently. In the snowed meadows of my imagination he climbed vertical steps to live in the atmosphere, somewhere cold and silent where I could look up at the sky and imagine him thinking of me. Was he thinking of me? The studios were abandoned. Saturday morning was blindingly bright out, a sheen and warmth so violent it made my shadowy form recoil. I folded his green blanket and put it in his studio.

    I drove home.
  • jsowneon

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    Apr 15, 2012 10:24 AM GMT
    calibro saidwhy do i always have to remind people... the first rule of contemporary poetry clubs is



    the first rule is to read the Forum Title... it says "You Original Poetry" where do you see the word "contemporary" in there. The definition of contemporary is conforming to modern or current ideas in style, fashion, design, etc. The whole point of making this feed is for peoples ORIGINAL poetry... in Whatever form they choose. If you don't like the flow of the poems or they do nothing for you then just move on. I doubt anybody in here is going to fit into a "contemporary" box just to please you.
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    Mm, please don't murder me guys xD

    A Lesson on Fortune

    I feel your eyes upon me.

    The many

    miles which separate us cannot

    smother the stench of empty sympathy.

    I can hear your flaccid tongue

    tut and cry for all my troubles. But

    your frozen tears won't quench my

    ashen thirst.

    Do you think I'm jealous?

    When I hear of your grey suits,

    with ties that pinch and choke like

    collars of dogs,

    or the fabled rumours of steel giants,

    metal birds and perfect, pretty skin.

    Oh please, please let me in.

    I would not wish it for the world.

    The life you so proudly flaunt,

    where the only kindly face is

    that drawn on your

    precious paper,

    where you crush your brothers'

    hands with ugly, bloated boots,

    each stretching skeletal fingers to

    clutch a throne of iron.

    It turns my stomach,

    which by the way is full

    of fish our father's freshly earned.

    Each night I sleep with mothers' gentle

    kiss upon my cheek, a shield to

    ward off evil spirits,

    you lie upon a shapeless thing

    which slowly turns your spine to mush.

    Keep your pity for yourself,

    my toothless grin holds riches

    which that smirk can never steal