NOM's Racist Agenda To Defeat Marriage Equality...

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    Mar 27, 2012 1:58 PM GMT

    Divide blacks and gays and target Hispanics.

    No wonder they didn't want to release anything, ever...
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    Mar 27, 2012 3:12 PM GMT
    I knew it!! I knew it!! These NOMs are racist.
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    Mar 27, 2012 3:19 PM GMT
    Fuck boming Iran. Bomb NOM first. icon_twisted.gif
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    Mar 27, 2012 3:45 PM GMT
    NOM's agenda is obscenely evil.

    But whatever success NOM achieves will be attributable in large part to the racial divide that already exists between the black community and the visible gay community, which is predominantly white. Activists that understand both communities have advised both communities to support each other whenever possible.

    Consider the murder of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager. The available facts suggest that he was shot by a racist vigilante simply because of his black skin. This is a wonderful opportunity for white (and other nonblack) gay same-sex proponents to support an issue of concern to the black community. Has that happened? I'm not sure. But it should happen if it hasn't already. Why? Two reasons. First, it's the moral thing to do: a true citizen of the earth should be outraged and should respond. Second, and more to the point, it's common sense. If you want your neighbors of a different skin color to give a damn about you, then you must demonstrate that you give a damn about them. If you remain indifferent to matters that affect them (e.g., racial profiling, etc.), they'll likely roll their eyes when you cry to them about a matter that affects you (e.g., same-sex marriage, etc.)--even though the matter affects some members of their group.

    It's really the only way.
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    Mar 27, 2012 3:49 PM GMT


    Likely overheard somewhere at NOM's lair: "We're terribly sorry, Brutha Bigot, but quite frankly, you're not photogenic enough! We're just not THAT into you!" "Sorry, attractive young black person, you're a Republican, we have NO use for you here. Run along now!" "Sorry, Ruben Diaz... we said YOUNG."

    "Will the process of assimilation to the dominant Anglo culture lead Hispanics to abandon traditional family values?"


    The group also sought to identify "victims" of same-sex marriage — children raised in gay households — and in another document budgeted $120,000 to locate "children of gay parents willing to speak on camera."

    "Mommy and Mommy sent me to my timeout corner and won't let me play my Xbox OR my PS3! (sniff, sniff) Hey, you think I get that $120,000 in twenties?"

    So, NOM, do the kids have to be "attractive"? When is that child victim beauty contest scheduled?
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    Mar 27, 2012 6:35 PM GMT
    I'm pretty sure it doesn't take NOM to divide blacks and gays icon_lol.gif
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    Mar 27, 2012 9:56 PM GMT
    Props to GOP candidate Fred Karger (also of Californians Against Hate) for helping to get the ball rolling on this.

    "I can has more Repubs like Fred pleaz?!?" [/lolcat]

    Fred's statement:

    QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HERESTATEMENT by Fred Karger on the release of the Confidential Campaign Documents from the National Organization for Marriage:

    “I have been tracking the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) for the past four years trying to find out all that they are secretly doing to fight marriage equally throughout the United States. Thanks to the hard work and extreme dedication of the Maine Ethics Commission and State Attorney General’s office we are able to get a glimpse into NOM’s evil ways. NOM’s contempt for the law and manipulation of the truth appears to show intent to violate state and possibly federal election laws. I have long and loudly called for a Congressional or U. S. Senate investigation of the National Organization for Marriage. Now it is absolutely necessary.

    No wonder NOM spent millions of dollars in 3 federal law suits to try and stop the Maine Ethics Commission investigation. The United States Supreme Court, an advocate of transparency and disclosure in campaign reporting, finally ended NOM’s nearly 3 year battle to hide all it finances and records when it turned down NOM’s last appeal earlier this month.

    I was subpoenaed by NOM in a federal law suit just 10 days after I filed this complaint against NOM in Maine: CLICK HERE It was a very difficult and expensive undertaking, but I received much support from hundreds of donors to my legal defense fund. We eventually prevailed and NOM’s attempted harassment of me was foiled after our vigorous legal defense. It was now all worth it to help get some answers from this highly secretive organization.

    I hope that the Catholic and Mormon Churches who have both actively supported the National Organization for Marriage over the past four years will join me in repudiating their actions and stop any direct funding of NOM as well as asking their members to do the same.”

    Good luck with that last part, Fred.