Hey Guys,

I have a question for you all and would like some constructive, helpful advice. I have been Insanity for about a year now. I weighed in at 220, and after round 1, I was 206. After rounds 2 & 3, I weighed in at 190. I am still doing the Insanity workout, but have started to lift weights and take protein. I just weighed in the other day and I'm up to 206 again! Is this supposed to be happening?

Additionally, a lot of you have the killer abs that I'm working my ass trying to get. I'm curious to know your secrets. I like to think that I have a "four pack" but I'm really not sure if it's my mind that is seeing them, or if they're actually there.

For those of you who are serious in helping me out with my questions, please send me a message, and I'll unlock my 'private' photos so you can give me feedback as to whether or not my abs are there. Thanks for all the help in advance!