Cute dead guys site. WTF?!?!?! HOW IS THIS SHIT LEGAL?!!?!! Disturbing as fuck.

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    Mar 31, 2012 3:11 AM GMT
    So as most of you know, Matthew Bremer died this week, the corbin fisher model. And in my thread someone mentioned a necrophiliac site. At first I thought it was like, a remembrance site. Until, I read the comments, and started seeing the threads.

    This site is so twisted. So sick. How is this honestly legal?

    I can't, I honestly feel sick. Dead guys who have just died are getting wanked to these sick necrophiliacs. This site needs to be shut down. The photos/footage on there, the threads. It makes me sick, I mean yeah, Matthew was in porn, but these other guys, are just ordinary guys, that the coroners are filming and releasing online. This is sick.

    Anyone brave enough, view the site here.

    I really wanna know how to find a way to shut this site down, it's so disgusting. They're corpses are being used for sexual purposes.

    And they take the death of these people so lightly and like it's a joke. I just feel so sick.
  • Ardose

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    Apr 02, 2012 12:31 PM GMT
    Don't you GET IT! There are no laws prohibiting free speech on the Internet in most countries and even if there were, how would they be enforced? You think what CDG does is terrible. But, you just gave them exactly what they need, a free promotion.

    Haven't you ever heard of the train wreck idiom? If you tell someone not to look at a train wreck because the wreckage and gore is terrible, they are more inclined to look out of curiosity. Just by telling people on this forum that CDG exists and posting a web address as well, you just assured that they will have some new members.

    If you think a web site like CDG is sick, don't go there. I doubt they are the only website with that subject matter. The porn industry is a good example of what happens when people complain about free speech. Religious groups helped Internet porn thrive by condemning it publicly and exposing a whole new audience. The "religious" are some of porn's best customers.