How the Retina Display Gave an Android User iPad Envy: "Retina display has ruined Android for me."

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    Apr 01, 2012 7:58 PM GMT


    I live in a tech bi-lingual household. My girlfriend uses an iPhone and an iPad, I use an Android phone and tablet. It worked for us. We were both content with things the way they were. She had her stuff and I had mine and we'd each politely nod and smile when the other felt compelled to show off some cool feature or app for his or her preferred platform.

    That all changed when we got her one of the new iPads. She doesn't read tech blogs so she wasn't concerned that her new toy maybe ran slightly hotter than her old one, or that maybe it took longer to charge while she was fast asleep. She never noticed these things. What she noticed (and loved) was that new Retina display.

    Trouble is, I noticed it too. And I coveted it. And then I swore I wouldn't upgrade my Android tablet until I could get a similar display. That display really is gorgeous and literally easy on the eyes. But my tablet is closing in on 18 months old. How long will I have to wait? Suddenly I'm tempted to switch sides and get an iPad of my own.
    Now there are some Android devices coming down the pike that come close to the Retina display's 2048-by-1536/264 PPI specs. Asus has a new version of the Transformer Prime, the 700T, that has a 1920 by 1200/224 PPI display, for example. That'd be a big step-up for me, considering my Acer A500 has a 149 PPI display. (Back when I was shopping for my first Android tablet I didn't even think about PPI; now I'm obsessed with it!)

    The problem is that I don't just have to wait for an Android device to ship with a high pixel density screen. I have to wait for most Android devices to have this kind of screen. Otherwise I don't see app developers putting the extra effort into creating high density assets just to please a fraction of the Android-using audience.

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    Apr 01, 2012 8:53 PM GMT
    Angry Birds is just so much awesomer with a retina display. icon_lol.gif