Okay so I know I am kind of like a fish out of water here, but due to the main type of guy I am interested in being here I am going for it. Are there any of you muscleheads, athletic, outgoing, and outdoorsy men that are into younger twinks. Now I will give you a little background info here. I am well I have a very curvy figure mainly because I dun really go for sports that enforce gaining muscles Iike it on my men but I am uncomfortable looking like that myself. Also I would be more depicted as feminine over masculine as I have been told I am very eloquent, classy, and strangely well behaved for my age. I am also not your average twink. I am really intelligent I know my opinion is biased but You don't see me partying, doing drugs, or anything of the sort. Some say I can't have fun or am a killjoy because I am a goody goodie. But is that undesired to y'all. Sorry if it is weird. Also I am a more artsy type but I am not wild is being so prudish a turn off. I just dun see how acting like I work the moulin rouge will get me a man. And lastly you might think all of use youth are just looking for a one night stand but personally I want to get engaged and married and have a family within 10 years and obviously other young men arent mature or ready enough. Tsk.