Turkey's Erdogan: Israeli strike on Iran would devastate Mideast

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    Apr 02, 2012 9:03 AM GMT
    This from the Israeli site HAARETZ NEWS:

    Speaking on his return from a Tehran visit, Turkish Prime Minister criticizes world for keeping mum on reported Israeli nuclear warheads while sanctioning Iran for a peaceful program.
    By Haaretz

    An Israeli strike against Iran would have "disastrous" consequences, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as saying on Saturday, adding the world remains silent on Israel's reported nuclear armament while threatening Iran over its peaceful program.

    The comments, made to reporters while making the journey back from an official visit to Iran, came after on Wednesday the Turkish PM said that “no one has the right to impose anything on anyone with regards to nuclear energy, provided that it is for peaceful purposes."

    “Everyone with commonsense opposes nuclear weapons,” Erdogan was quoted as saying by Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman.

    Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Erdogan was quoted by the Turkish daily Hurriyet as warning against the "disastrous" outcome of a possible Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, saying: "The entire region would be devastated if Israel strikes Iran."

    The Turkish premier, who indicated he shared his concerns regarding the consequences of an Israeli attack with U.S. President Barack Obama, said that a regional war triggered by such a move "would not end up like the war between U.S. and Iraq. Israel should not attack Iran."

    Erdogan also criticized the international community for keeping mum on Israel's alleged nuclear weapons, while threatening Iran over what he said was a peaceful nuclear program.

    "Israel has between 250 to 300 nuclear warheads. Nobody is discussing that," Erdogan said, adding: "Iran says they would not produce nuclear weapons. They are saying that they would produce a specific amount of enriched uranium rods and stop after that."

    Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that Iran expects to reopen talks with world powers that could defuse mounting tensions over its disputed nuclear program on April 13.

    Turkey has offered to host the talks and the location will be decided in the next few days, Salehi said.

    The major nations are keen to get Iran to enter talks on curbing its uranium enrichment program, which the West suspects is aimed at developing a nuclear weapons capability but Tehran says is peaceful.
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    Apr 02, 2012 8:21 PM GMT
    Here's one of the very well reasoned responses to a similar article on Huffington Post.

    ando one

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    19 minutes ago ( 3:33 PM)
    Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Did we not learn From Iraq that preemptive attacks are a violation of international law BECAUSE they are a bad idea. The Iraq war was propagandized as necessary because we KNEW they had WMD's and intended to build nukes to use them against our great ally Israel. Now all these years of war at our expense, not only monetary, but with our soldiers lives have left this country on the brink of ruin. Not to mention it conveniently left the US with some 15 military bases in Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia directly on Iran's borders, so forget the idea that we will sit this one out as we are clearly gearing up for it.
    Forget that Turkey is warning us against this war and possesses the worlds 10th largest military. Russia and China also have warned us and have vested interests in Iran and they represent numbers 2 and 3. War with Iran will cause WW3, millions of lives and possibly a collapse of the Global economy.
    The IAEA has found no evidence of intent to build Nukes. Russia and Turkey, our Allies insist the nuclear program is peaceful, electric and medical only. Russia had most have the contacts to build and help build these facilities. Don't get sucked in by propaganda for another useless and illegal war.
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    Apr 03, 2012 9:01 PM GMT

    By MICHAEL R. GORDON, Special to the New York Times
    Published: May 26, 1987

    Norwegian officials say Israel is resisting a proposal that would allow international inspectors to determine if Israel is using Norwegian ''heavy water'' to produce nuclear weapons.

    In February, Norway asked Israel to permit inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency on Israel's adherence to an agreement not to use the heavy water for arms.

    But a spokesman for Norway's Foreign Ministry said in a telephone interview last week that Israeli officials had questioned the feasibility of such inspections. The spokesman, Per Paust, said Israeli officials had also indicated that they did not have confidence in the objectivity of the international agency.

    Norway's Defense Minister, Johan Jorgen Holst, told a group of American reporters recently that Israel had not responded favorably.

    ''We have taken it up with the Israelis,'' Mr. Holst said. ''To no one's surprise, the Israelis have not been particularly forthcoming.''

    Under a 1959 agreement, Norway decided to sell Israel 20 tons of heavy water, or deuterium oxide, which can be used as an ingredient to make nuclear weapons. Heavy water export is strictly controlled.

    The above wasn't even the start of Israels long history of not cooperating with any nation or UN, or other International agencies where its Nuke Program was involved. Prior to the above Israel stoled info and plans for Nukes from the US which found out about it from Israels spies getting caught.

    There are many other instances of Israels non cooperation re: Nuke programs, all the while its yelling, whining and playing the victim through spreading propaganda to force its neighbors to adhere to what it will not itself submit to.

    More to come and please do check out these facts, take my word for nothing because the more you read the easier it is to see that Israel is creating the problem here, not Iran. IRAN DID NOT THREATEN TO WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP. Google "Rumor of the Century: Iran threatens to 'wipe Israel off the map' ", Israel is basing their propaganda on a mistranslation. which suits their purposes to play the victim yet again.