60 Advertisers have fled Rush Limbaughs program and still counting.

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    Apr 02, 2012 9:03 PM GMT

    Fleeing Advertisers And Still No Full Apology: The Rush From Limbaugh‏

    Angelo Carusone, Media Matters for America

    On February 23, 2012, Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke appeared before members of Congress to talk about the various ways her classmates rely on prescription birth control, including a story about a friend who takes it to manage ovarian cysts. For this, Rush Limbaugh viciously attacked Fluke over the course of several days.

    Limbaugh smeared Fluke as a “slut,” claimed she was having so much sex that he was surprised she could still walk, suggested she was having sex at 12 years old by asking who purchased her condoms in the sixth grade, urged her to keep her legs closed by placing an aspirin between them, and demanded she create homemade porn videos and place them online -- in addition to 41 other attacks.

    Following Mr. Limbaugh’s multi-day attempt to silence a student simply for sharing information about women’s healthcare, individuals and organizations sprang to action. So far, two radio stations have dropped Limbaugh’s program from their lineups, and more than 60 advertisers have already issued public statements confirming they will no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh.

    Mr. Limbaugh has refused to apologize for all of his attacks or even acknowledge the full scope of his remarks.

    After some of his show’s major financial backers exited, Limbaugh issued a statement apologizing for calling the student a “slut” and a “prostitute,” but he made it very clear that he would not be apologizing for any of the other 44 other attacks. Instead, Limbaugh claimed everything was fine, hired a crisis manager and scrubbed the record of his attacks from his website.

    But, advertisers continue flee. Just last week, several advertisers issued public statements confirming that they would no longer run ads during Rush Limbaugh’s show.

    Recently, we announced a multi-city radio ad campaign aimed at educating communities about Rush Limbaugh’s irresponsible attacks. The ads have been running on Rush Limbaugh’s competitor stations in a number of cities.

    Some republicans have said that such efforts to rid ourselves of the likes of Rush Limbaugh goes against Free Speech, but to my way of thinking, there are limits as to what the public has to put up with and pressuring advertises to put their money behind better programing is exercising our freedom of speech.

    I sincerely hope Rush Limbaugh meets the same demise that Glen Beck did and very soon.

    What do you think ? Doesn't free speech go both ways ?

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    Apr 02, 2012 9:15 PM GMT
    If he really cared about the US political situation, then his ego or advertisers leaving wouldn't stand in the way of his free speech. He'd go start some political group and live off the donations.

    But Rush is more about his Maybach cars, private jet, Palm Beach mansions and other toys his current business model provides. And being the "#1 most listened to radio talk-show host" feeds his enormous ego. So I expect him to stop at nothing to get the advertisers back. At the end of the day, he's an entertainer seeking maximum compensation for his services.

    Personally, the reason I can't stand listening to him, has more to do with the constant barrage of commercials than anything political.
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    Apr 03, 2012 12:21 AM GMT

    Check out the bottom of the page. I think and take it that he is sorry he used the words he did...I'm not sure why he's sorry but, I think he did do a good job of showing he was against the public being mandated to pay for birth control but, sorry the way he did it.

    I'd bet a $1 that he's really only sorry over the loss of revenue.

    That being said, he is an entertainer not a news reporter. Additionally, like him or not, just like us, he also enjoys the 1st Amendment and so do those advertising on his program.