Hi there guys I'm looking to buy either a laptop or computer but would like your opinions which one to get or even an iPad 3.

I'm a gamer so looking for a decent NVidia graphic card 1GB or higher.
6/8 GB or higher memory and 1TB hard drive.

I'm always on the Internet all the time on iPhone and my old laptop that I have now it's an advent 9115 model.

Would also like if the pc or laptop comes with windows 7 as mainly when buying a pc you don't get any windows or even the monitor.

If its a pc then you recommend over a laptop then hope it comes with monitor.
Also looking to get a basic Microsoft office so I can have Microsoft word.

So between a laptop or computer or even an iPad 3 but loads of people keeps telling me it's just a bigger iPhone.

My budget is £500

Thanks everyone xxx