Cardio training + a short ab work out.

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    Apr 04, 2012 11:16 PM GMT
    So i have been doing a lot of research on fitness lately, and one of the things i came across was that doing a high intensity cardio workout, then adding a short ab work out is pretty beneficial because the capillaries and all that become more able to transfer O2 to the muscles and even after your work out your body still keeps "working out." I need to find that article again it was pretty interesting all the metabolic functions and aerobic functions work.
    I just tried that today and i got a better work out on my core then i did just focusing on the muscle groups in my ab work out. I twas a nice twist on things. Any body got suggestions or input?

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    Apr 05, 2012 1:04 AM GMT
    Most fitness articles lay people read on the internet are full of pseudoscience. You wouldn't know if they were telling you the truth or a lie or trying to sell you something. Unless you have an extensive physiology background, how would you know what they are telling you is fact? Even the best certifications like ACSM have legends in there printed as fact without solid scientific research. For example, there is no evidence that stretching before or after your workout will reduce injury, but it is one of the statutes of fitness that they push.

    As an unregulated field, it is fine because in most cases, no harm will come from it. You'll still get a workout. Instead, you'll just be wasting your time if it's pseudoscience by not reaching whatever your goals are.

    Yes, high intensity cardio (whatever that is) and doing crunches is one workout you can do. There are so many ways to workout your body. It really depends on your goals.

    Working above lactate threshold (above 70-75% VO2max in most people) is considered 'high intensity' and is good for 1) burning carbohydrate energy quickly, thus burning a lot of calories and 2) increasing your VO2max and buffering capacity of your muscles to tolerate lactate for longer periods of time or at higher concentrations.

    However when above 70-75% VO2max, it isn't exactly "aerobic" anymore. You're burning sugar mostly and will burn out relatively quickly. Good workout though, if your goal is to burn out quickly and be done.