Kids and race

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    Apr 05, 2012 1:46 PM GMT

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    Apr 05, 2012 9:33 PM GMT
    PBS FRONTLINE has an episode from the mid 1980s about an elementary school teacher who conducts an experiment on white children based on eye colour. She appointed the blue eyed children to be the superior ones, and brown eyed children were to be inferior and were to wear collars around their necks.

    The next day, the "inferior" children performed worse than they did before and the "superior" children became mean-spirited and liked to discriminate against the "inferiors." This has real world implications as the children grow up with the same set of rules guiding them as was seen in the CNN videos. The black children grew up to be more cynic. There was a study where black people performed equally as well as whites when they were told the IQ test was a set of puzzles, and they performed worse when they were told it was an IQ test.

    This discrimination we teach our children is subconscious a lot of the times since our families and friends of our families are likely to be our own race. This automatically suggests a racial divide and sets our pattern through life. Though as people grow up and they experience diversity, they are more likely to look upon others as humans rather than differentiate between creeds and races.