Santorum 5 points behind Romney in PPP poll

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    Apr 05, 2012 3:31 PM GMT

    If Rick Santorum is tying the fate of his presidential campaign to his performance in the upcoming primary in his native Pennsylvania, his candidacy may be in big trouble.

    A PPP poll released on Wednesday night showed Romney leading Santorum by five points in Pennsylvania. A new Quinnipiac University poll in New York, which, like Pennsylvania, votes on April 24, showed Romney with a massive 54 percent to 21 percent lead over Santorum. Heck, even Donald Trump, the king of graceful exits (not), offered this piece of advice to Santorum via Twitter:

    "The numbers represent a dramatic turnaround from when PPP polled the state a month ago. Romney's gained 17 points, going from 25 percent to 42 percent," the survey reads. "Meanwhile Santorum's dropped 6 points from 43 percent to 37 percent, for an overall swing of 23 points in the last four weeks."

    Pennsylvania Republicans, it appears, still mostly like Santorum. But having had a front-row seat to his politics and campaigning skills, they don't think he has a chance to win. Only 24 percent of Republican respondents thought their former senator would "provide their best chance for a victory" against President Barack Obama.

    The notion that Santorum has a shot at the Republican nomination even with a victory in Pennsylvania was already a bit far-fetched. A loss there would likely convince even the most passionate backer that the gig is up.

    But the practical effect of poll numbers like these is greater then just providing a window into where the race currently stands. Santorum has a lot -- personally and professionally -- riding on his performance in Pennsylvania. And it's not unreasonable to see him feeling intense pressure to bow out of the contest out of concern that he'd suffer an embarrassing loss.

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    Apr 05, 2012 3:33 PM GMT
    Would love, love LOVE to see Romney trounce Rick Santorum in Santorum's home state. Maybe then FINALLY he will get the message that he is never going to be elected to ANY public office EVER again.
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    Apr 05, 2012 5:02 PM GMT
    Karl Rove: Santorum a "Desperate Candidate"

    The former White House adviser took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to make the case for why Romney can't be stopped.

    Count Karl Rove among those who think the GOP nominating contest is all but done.

    The former George W. Bush adviser penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Thursday that declares that Mitt Romney's ultimate nomination has become "clear" and that Rick Santorum's last-ditch effort to derail the inevitable "won't work."

    "Most political contests have an inflection point where the outcome becomes clear," Rove wrote. "Tuesday was such a moment for the GOP presidential sweepstakes."

    The former White House chief of staff (and current Fox News contributor) goes on to detail what he says is Santorum's five-part plan to prevent Romney from receiving his party's nomination, and then makes the case for why such a plan is destined to fail.

    As for Santorum's argument that a contested convention would help fire up Republicans? "That's the argument of a desperate candidate," Rove writes. "More and more Republicans think such a bloodletting would severely set back the cause of defeating Barack Obama."

    In other bad news for Santorum: a new PPP poll released Wednesday shows Romney taking the lead in Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania.

    With three weeks to go, Romney leads 42 percent to 37 in the Keystone State. And he's gaining momentum with key groups of voters who have been notoriously lukewarm on a Romney nomination: Evangelicals and Tea Party supporters. Compared to a month ago, Romney has narrowed Santorum's lead with Evangelical voters from 37 points to 10 points. Likewise, Santorum's 32 point lead with Tea Party voters is now only 6. "Very conservative" voters favor Santorum by just 11 points, compared to a previous 51-point lead.

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    Apr 05, 2012 9:29 PM GMT
    Rick Santorum edges toward the embarrassment zone

    That fact is impossible (or close to impossible) to dispute given Santorum’s delegate deficit to Mitt Romney and the rallying of the party behind the former Massachusetts governor.

    That doesn’t mean, however, that Santorum can’t leave the 2012 campaign as a major winner. But in order to do so, he needs to avoid crossing from credible underdog to embarrassing windmill-charger in these final days (or weeks) of his campaign.

    “If he drops out in the next few weeks — before April 24 and sooner is better — he goes out as the conservative warrior and lives to fight another day viewed as a political force,” said Ed Rollins, who managed Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign. “If he fights on and loses big including [his] home state he is damaged goods and joins the long list of losers to come out of this year’s car wreck.”

    There are growing signs that Santorum is edging dangerously close to the embarrassment zone.


    As far as I am concerned, he was an embarassment to US politics the first time he opened his mouth to speak about running for president. He and his christian fundi/Tbagger backers are a rotton spot on our Collective American reputation.