All you Washington Homos -

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    Apr 06, 2012 3:05 PM GMT
    Just a reminder that Democrats are also holding caucuses. Find your location here:

    Aside from the opportunity to run your way up to DNC Delegate, your voice will also help cement civil rights into the Party platform. Recently, the King County Democrats (arguably the most liberal County organization) voted 55% in favor of endorsing an opponent of civil rights (Mark Miloscia) over the man who got gay marriage through the Senate (Craig Pridemore) (

    A strong turnout of supporters of civil rights at this level will help ensure that, at the State Convention, a bigot is not nominated as the Democratic Party's candidate for Washington State Auditor.
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    Apr 06, 2012 3:45 PM GMT
    Mark Miloscia was born and raised in Biloxi Miss.............
    Mark is currently a Substitute Teacher for the Federal Way School District and the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese(another very anti-gay organization).
    is a member of St. Vincent's Knights of Columbus(viciously homophobic organization)

    Mark happens to be a very crappy candidate, unless of course, you're a right wing thumper.
    Maybe he should quit lying to the DNC and come 'out of the RNC closet'.