Social Issues Drive Jews To Back Obama

Israel Counts Little as President Opens Up Big Lead in New Poll

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All the Republican Presidential Candidates have been desperately to work with the Israeli Lobby AIPAC to disparage Obama's Foreign policy involving Iran and the land of Palestine, saying Obama is "throwing Israel under the bus", all to push US Jewish voters to swing toward the Republicans. The worst has been Gingrich and Santorum who are flailing in the polls and being discredited on their sensationalist tactics and methods where Israel and the Iranians are concerned. They've been on an embarassing fools errand to "outlove" each other where Israel is concerned. According to new polls, their efforts have failed miserably for claiming the backing of the Jewish vote.

here's excerpts from the above article:

Washington — With the battle over the Jewish vote in full swing, a new poll suggests that Democrats have little reason for concern: Jews are firmly in President Obama’s corner.

And the reason, the poll suggests, has nothing to do with Obama’s views on Israel or Iran. It is all about the economy and social justice.

The reason for Democrats’ strong showing in the poll, which was released April 3, lies in deeply rooted views of American Jews on social issues, including traditional liberal stances on improving the economy and reducing the gap between rich and poor.

“Whoever wants to appeal to Jewish voters has to go through social values,” said Robert Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, the not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization that conducted the survey. “Our poll shows that you cannot appeal to these voters through the single issue of Israel.”

The survey showed that 62% of Jewish voters planned to support Obama in the November election, compared with 30% who said they will vote for one of the four Republican candidates.

In June 2008, a Gallup poll showed Obama with a 62% to 31% lead over Republican John McCain. Obama extended the lead to reach a 78% to 21% margin by November of that year.

One of the new poll’s most pronounced findings was the very small number of Jewish voters who had lost their faith in Obama. According to the poll, just 7% of Jews who voted for Obama in 2008 now prefer a Republican candidate.

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Thankfully the Jewish block of voters are much more educated and well informed than the typical far right christian fundi block of voters who have failed miserably at turning facts on their face to get the Jewish vote.