Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu Is Unlikely to Ever Agree to a Peace Settlement, Since The Charter of Netanyahu's Likud Party "Flatly" Rejects a Palestinian State in Palestine

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    Apr 06, 2012 7:41 PM GMT
    Benzion Netanyahu and the Fate of Palestinians
    by John Glaser, April 03, 2012

    In The Crisis of Zionism ...


    ... Peter Beinart catalogues some interesting things about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s father, Benzion Netanyahu, who has been a strong ideological influence on Benjamin.

    And in 2009, at the age of ninety-nine, he told the Israeli newspaper Maariv that Israel should retake the Gaza Strip, from which it had withdrawn four years earlier. “We should conquer any disputed territory in the land of Israel,” Netanyahu declared. “Conquer and hold it, even if it brings us years of war…You don’t return land.”

    [...] In a 2003 book on Zionism’s founders, he [...] described his proposals for relocating the Arabs of Palestine “to Arabia, Iraq, Syria – anywhere – as long as they will get out of the land of Israel,” without a word of criticism. “The Jews and the Arabs are like two goats facing each other on a narrow bridge. One must jump into the river,” Netanyahu told Maariv in 2009. “What does the Arab’s jump mean?” asked the interviewer, trying to decipher the metaphor. Netanyahu explained: “That they won’t be able to face the war with us, which will include withholding food from Arab cities, preventing education, terminating electrical power and more. They won’t be able to exist and they will run away from here.”

    Beinart describes the elder Netanyahu’s fundamental policy prescription thusly: “meet any inkling of Palestinian nationalism with brutal violence.” Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed a similar approach, as Beinart records.

    What’s amazing is the success in America of the public relations campaign depicting the current Israeli leadership as fair-minded and open to peace but for the rejectionist Palestinians. This is a belief the mainstream sincerely holds, despite the Prime Minister’s Likud Party Charter ...


    ... which declares Jewish settlement in the West Bank and Gaza as “the realization of Zionist values” and that the whole of the West Bank and Jerusalem belong to Israel (“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river”).

    Nobody should be confused as to why a political settlement has not been forthcoming, especially with full and unquestioned American support of these policies.

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    Apr 07, 2012 1:48 AM GMT
    Those of us who read regularly from articles from the far right, the far left and from sources in the middle where the truth is to be found, know very well that Beinart is telling the full truth. But the far right LIKUDS and their AIPAC propaganda machine in the US is constantly at work beating back the truth behind the lack of peace, they are hard at work disparaging Beinarts truths in an effort to make him appear to be far left, a self hating jew, an anti semite and the list goes on.

    Americans are too comfortable and complacent with the status quo and in believing what fits into their propagandized world view and they don't care to be made uncomfortable by the truth, even though the truth would keep their sons from going off to another war pushed on us by Israel and its lobby and their Neo Cons within our government and media. 41 Dual National Neo Cons were among Bush's 54 war administration. These people were nearly all taken from think tanks that also were predominantly made up of Dual Nationals and Israeli Lobby influenced advocates and promoted anything but peace between Israel and Palestine.

    In the Obama administration it is much the same, not quite as high a percentage as under Bush, but with still the same affect. Nearly all of his Foreign Policy team dealing with the Israeli Palestinian conflict are dual nationals or Israeli Lobby AIPAC followers and have no business at all as supposed unbiased negotiators to talk with the Palestinians. The Israeli Ross is a good example of this, what in hell is that AIPAC shill doing in our US government offices.

    None of these people have any intention of forwarding anything but Netanyahu and AIPAC's view of what is best for Israel. They sure as hell are a busy group at cooking up propaganda to fool the public into believing the Israeli's have peacefull intentions all the while stealing land for settlements. The rest of the world doesn't buy it, but the Usefull Idiot Christian Fundi's have bought into AIPAC propaganda lies so push our politicians to go along with whatever Israel and AIPAC wants. Its pays our Politicians well all at the expense of peace. What a sick settup all this is. but about half the American public has bought it hook line and sinker.