Who is John Galt?

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    Apr 07, 2012 12:51 AM GMT
    - and why can't I get him to come over and fuck me. I'm convinced that some destroyer is taking all the tops - all the ones from CL, A4A, and MH, at least. I suspect NPR and/or the HRC. I'm partnered, but only because there's always been a plethora of men to cheat with. Otherwise, I would've ended it months ago. Maybe there's some oasis in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of rank bulls sitting around measuring their idle cocks and laughing at how the gay world is eventually going to cannibalize itself without regular fuckings. I truly hope that oasis isn't the bath houses. Everyone just wants to bottom for me, nowadays, and it's making me want to get topped even worse. Not so much because I prefer bottoming, but because I feel better about the world when I grip another rock-hard cock. Some guys want to bottom without getting hard, or even ejaculating. Yuck. And I've got to call bullshit when I read people say that they don't always need to cum. Something else is wrong there. Boys and men are supposed to need to cum. It's the only thing we're good for, really, besides lifting heavy things. And I am beyond sick of 20yo husbands-to-be, moochers, fat-asses, meth-heads and rent-boys. Someone needs to inject some argon back into the gay world, so it's fun again, and remind the members that good sex is our real virtue. Our community has always, should always, and will always, revolve around it. How's that for gay Rooney? Oh well (shrug).

  • Apr 16, 2012 8:05 AM GMT
    ayn rand sucks