Washington Post's David Ignatius says U.S. president passed a message to Iran, through Turkish PM Erdogan, that he could agree to a civilian nuclear program if Tehran proved it was not building a nuclear bomb.

Obama reportedly signaled Khamenei that the U.S. would be prepared to accept a civilian nuclear program in Iran, should the Iranian leader take steps that would support his public declarations in February, in which he said that Iran "would never develop nuclear weapons." The U.S., Obama also wrote, would also expect Iranian leaders to prove that Tehran does not have a military nuclear program.

Obama met with Erdogan at the nuclear summit in South Korea for two hours and asked him to pass on the message to Khamenei. Obama told Erdogan that the Iranians must understand that time is running out on a solution for the Tehran nuclear problem and that they must take advantage of the negotiations that will begin with the six world powers on April 13.

Negotiations between Iran and the six world powers are due to begin on April 13, but a location has yet been scheduled.

The above from Barak Ravid Posted on the Online Haaretz News

Here's a very poignant comment from Haaretz News:

30 1 View > Mighty gracious of Obama to even consider that the Iranians are entitled to develop nuclear power to generate electricity, given that's their right as a signatory of the NPT - as opposed to Israel which has never signed the NPT and developed nuclear weaponry with American assistance.
Alan Smith UK 07.04.12 03:19

What do you think? Certainly the AIPAC and US Christian Fundi's will have a fit over this one, but most of us see better ways to end conflicts than wars like Iraq and in this administration lets hope that cooler heads will continue to prevail in spite of AIPAC's originating legislation through Leitinen in Congress to handicap Obama's team from direct talks with Irans to lower chances of war. (Do a search on that subject, its an eye opener)