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    Apr 08, 2012 5:52 PM GMT
    I need some advice on what to eat in order to gain weight. I'm 25 year's old, 5'9", was 140lbs until winter.. I kind of hibernated in a way throughout winter, meaning I wouldn't get out much nor eat much and rather stay indoors most of the time. Anyway, two weeks ago I checked my weight and it was shockingly only a 106lbs. So, I went to my physician and he told me that I should eat a lot more, for about 2000-3000 calories a day and asked me to create a calorie chart which I did, which is..

    At 7AM, (Breakfast):

    2 Glasses of Date Shakes
    2 Bananas
    2 Scrambled Eggs
    1 Slice of Banana Bread w/ margarine

    At 1PM, (Lunch):

    Chicken 100 gs/3.oz
    Half cup of Corn Kernels w/ Butter
    Boiled Sweet Potatoes w/ skin 7oz.
    1 Croissant with Egg and Cheese (I've never tried this because I don't like croissant's)

    At 7PM, (Dinner):

    Beef cut (Pan fried) 100gs/3.5oz
    1 Multi-grained Pita Bread
    Half cup of Peanuts
    1 Glass of m&m's Shake

    I've been having all of this for the past two weeks now, besides the croissant meal during lunch. Aside from this I hired a personal fitness trainer last week (6 days a week) and started working out. He told me to eat more than what I have on my calorie chart and asked me to have a bowl of oatmeal, 6 egg whites and a chocolate before my workout which takes place before breakfast. I tried having oatmeal before breakfast which made me puke inside of my mouth during my workout..

    Isn't there any other meal I can have other than oatmeal in order to gain mass/weight? Is there an easier way to gain weight and muscle rather than to eat all of this? I really don't mind if the meals I need to eat in order to gain weight are expensive as long as I don't have to chew on to something all day long.

    Your positive advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks. icon_smile.gif

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    Apr 08, 2012 6:15 PM GMT
    receive just a small injection of my Doner DNA and you will gain all the wirght you want!

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    Apr 08, 2012 8:52 PM GMT
    While those three meals are very balanced and seem ok on there own, the gaps in between are way way way way too large. If you want to be gaining weight, you need to be consuming calories every 2-3 hours (food and supplements such as either weight gainer/protein shakes depending what your goal is). How you can not eat anything from 7am till 1pm and then until 7pm to me, is insane!

    Foods that are great for gaining weight are carbs and proteins. Chicken, rice, pasta, fish, turkey, vegetables, and red meats.

    Oatmeal for me, was an acquired taste. I hated it at first but i got used to it and now i eat it everyday and whenever i need a quick meal.

    There is an advantage though to being underweight and wanting to gain weight. Gaining weight when starting from a low point is much easier and so you'll see the gains much quicker than say someone at 190 wanting to gain. However, you've gotta eat a lot more and keep at it.

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    Apr 08, 2012 10:18 PM GMT
    I'm with jwu - I think you should be eating more frequently - eating each 2.5-3 hours has really helped me.