So I just got a job in NYC, now the hard part. Finding a place. So if there are any New Yorkers out there who can offer some advice (areas, maybe you know good agents, maybe you know of a place, etc.) I'm all ears. I'm not looking for anything special but I do have some things I'm looking for:
1) No more than $1,100/month
2) Safe/Nice Neighborhood
3) Would prefer 1 bedroom but can do a studio
4) Allows pets (I have a 5 pound, 10 year old Toy Fox Terrier).
5) Close to the subway (I'll have to get around the different boroughs for my job)
6) Clean
7) Parks not too far away for me and the dog.

I've lived in France before, so I've already done the small apartment thing and it isn't a huge issue. I'll be going up next week to finish my paperwork and look for places. HELP!!!! lol