This gave me chuckles on the train today:

"It looked like a major emergency – 25 firemen standing at the water’s edge assessing the life-threatening situation before them. Stranded 200ft out and struggling for survival was the victim they had come to rescue...a seagull. And if that scenario were not ludicrous enough, there was worse to come.

The firemen were then barred from going into the 3ft-deep water because it was judged to be a health and safety risk. As crews from five fire engines stood beside the pond in South London for up to an hour, it fell to a member of the public to pull on his waders and rescue the bird, which was caught up in a plastic bag.

Ted Burden, who watched the seagull incident unfold, said: ‘The bird must have been in the water for the best part of an hour by the time he was rescued. The plastic bag was caught right around his foot and he was gradually sinking. It was a bit ridiculous really. Five fire crews turned up, but because of protocols they couldn’t go into the water. The water was not really any more than waist deep.'

The rescue was finally carried out by Adam Briddock, 20, from the nearby Riverside Animal Centre in Beddington. The seagull was taken back to the animal centre, dried out and fed before being released back into the wild the next day."