NUTTY-YAYHOO - not happy about World Powers Stopping his War with Iran for talks, Says it gives them more time for Nuke enrichment. (kinda like Israel's peace talks gives more time for it to build Settlements-HYPOCRISY ANYONE ???)

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    Apr 15, 2012 4:06 PM GMT
    This from Israel's Haaretz News: By Barak Ravid

    Netanyahu: Iran received gift from world powers with further nuclear talks

    "Six world powers and Iran launched a new round of negotiations in Istanbul on Saturday; PM says additional talks scheduled for May will enable Tehran to continue uranium enrichment.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday harshly criticized the nuclear talks that took place between Iran and six world powers in Istanbul on Saturday, saying that further talks scheduled for May are like a gift for Iran, which give the country more time to continue enriching uranium.

    Six world powers and Iran launched the new round of negotiations in Istanbul on Saturday, aiming to resolve a long-standing dispute over Tehran's nuclear program."

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    Apr 16, 2012 6:07 PM GMT
    I sincerely hope that these negotiations with Iran, keep going and going and going, just like Israel has dragged on and on andon while they use the supposed peace negotiations to continue to 'buy time' for the purpose of adding more settlements on Palestinian land. Their motive its clear !! drag it on long enough and they'll have taken all of Palestine that they really want.

    Funny how much Netanyahoo hates his tactics being turned right back around on him and his Zionist LIKUDS. What's that old saying ? "turnabout is fair play" There's a few crazies leading Iran, but none any crazier than Netanyahu who leads the propaganda lie machine in Israel all for the purpose of thievery and maintaining their power and reaching out for more.
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    Apr 18, 2012 4:15 AM GMT
    Some international comments about the "HYPOCRISY" of Israel doing the pushing of inspections and ETC. on Its neighbor while refusing to submit to even one such inspection, and all based on hyped up propaganda, lies and playing the victim card.(Iraq all over again) *with full support of the AIPAC led US Government"

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    Mark of Lewiston 18.04.12 03:48 Netanyahu hates Obama and would do anything to aid opponents of Obama. Netanyahu also wants the US in another war.

    something's terribly wrong with this picture. why do these countries have to explain anything to israel as opposed to let's say jordan or norway or canada? bibi just wants to insert himself where he's neither invited nor wanted.

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    Doubtom 18.04.12 03:42 May we assume that Israel will now follow suit and reveal all about its nuclear program which is certainly not for peaceful purposes

    We don't want nukes,neither in Iran nor in Israel
    Marlem 18.04.12 03:36 It is incredible that Isael can tell everybody what to do. International inspection is needed in Iran AND Israel. Again, Western hypocracy!!!