The Truth About Religion

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    Apr 21, 2012 12:00 AM GMT
    Hoping to start a controversy here.. lets see

    I already posted this in another thread, but thought it would be interesting to explain it in its own thread

    Lots of threads are about truth in religion

    The truth is that religion is not about what is the "true story," I will explain below

    Here let me give an example, a basic concept... Say I say the word "spoon" to a Zulu person... he will just have a blank mind.. if I say it to an English person, they will form a mental image of something.. the word is not the concept, but seeks to communicate it.... If I say "cuchara" to a monolingual enlish speaker, he will act as the Zulu did when I said "spoon"... even though the concept that was being communicated was entirely identical, in one case, the communication takes place, in other it was not.. this has to do with social convention, it is not in any way important for the concept of spoon.. the spoon will remain a spoon, not matter what language I say it in, no matter what symbol I use.

    Now lets say you go to a shaman when you are sick... if you go to a Shaman in siberia, he is likely to use a bunch of different regalia, songs, and traditions than say, a shaman in Africa.... however, that does not matter to the shaman, since the intention of "healing" will take place no matter what the social convention.

    Now if you go to a church, a mosque, a temple, whichever, you will receive a "blessing".. blessing = to give bliss, now it matters not whether you are muslim, christian, or buddhist, if you understand the intent of the social convention, you WILL attain bliss... just as am emglish speaker will get the correct mental image when he hears "spoon".. it is purely social convention.

    So what the purpose of all these stories? Essentially to transmit knowledge of good vs evil and moral codes into people... through inspiration and culturally relevant modes of transmission... even though what is moral may change depending on the culture, and the story... within each society, it is important for people to learn the codes of their culture as it creates a "bond" between the members of the group and to learn how to "treat" the world in general so as to maximise effective living.... so there are many many layers of function and meaning to religious stories and traditions, but in the end, the purpose of them is the same... to heal, to bless, and to reconnect......

    So whatever convention you wish to follow... go right ahead! Remember that the convention, the symbol, the action, the idol, the story itself, is not what matters, just as it does not matter whether you say "spoon" or in spanish "cuchara".. what matters is that it works for YOU.... that it helps you become whole, blissful, and connected.. that is all
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    Apr 21, 2012 10:32 AM GMT
    StephenOABC saidIf water crystals do well by blessings, humans also do well by words of kindness, gratitude, goodwill and well-wishing.