(other than protein shakes..)

So, I was at the mall today and seen this guy...like basically I seen his reflection in the shiny marble tiles behind him. 1st thing I noticed was his legs. They were like tree trunks right down to his ankles. I'm like, is that guy fat? No...there's veins!

Then, I move over the side of the kiosk so I can get a full view of him. The dude is like insanely swoll, and he knew what he was doing by wearing a tight ass tank top to boot. So, I'm thinking to myself, okay where the fuck is GNC?

So, I drop by and I pick up this: I know the person who I asked about it said it would fill me up with water and then I'd flatten down if I stopped taking it. But I'm like, well I'll just try it out and see what happens.