I'm pretty certain that someone here has a personal blog about their life. I wanna read it

My blog is http://tmac2271.blogspot.com

In a nutshell it's a blog series of my life and all the crap I've gone through in the past two years. Dealing with homelessness. Being a loner. MY aspirations as a private investigator. The time I did a search to find out what happened to my friend who disappeared 11 years ago. MY ups and downs and basically my fight to create a good life for myself.

In addition(because the world doesn't revolve around me) I also have a character profile section where I can praise the people in my life I have a bond with (only if they allow me to)

I have yet to talk about my love life cuz I didn't really have one, but perhaps I should. Anyways i hope anyone who takes a little time to check out my blog enjoy it and if you have a blog like mine, I wanna see iticon_biggrin.gif