When President Obama issued a mandate regarding contraceptions, some Catholic leaders opposed the move, and the GOP were quick to ride their dicks in support. They even went so far as to claim President Obama was at war with Catholics (see our very own southbeach's thread here declaring the same thing: http://www.realjock.com/gayforums/2162833/ ). Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist and Glenn Beck, a Mormon, went so far as to declare, "We're all Catholics, now."

Well, it looks like the Catholic ire is pointed at GOP Rep. Paul Ryan...

“Our problem with Representative Ryan is that he claims his budget is based on Catholic social teaching,” said Jesuit Father Thomas J. Reese, one of the organizers of the letter. “This is nonsense. As scholars, we want to join the Catholic bishops in pointing out that his budget has a devastating impact on programs for the poor.”