Ever Experience A Gay Couple You Know "Divorcing" Right In Front Of You?

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    Apr 28, 2012 6:11 PM GMT
    Friends of ours just broke up moments ago. One has a drinking problem, been to detox twice, just got drunk again. He phoned from home as his partner was out shopping with my own partner, while I've been home doing laundry.

    The drunk partner was screaming on the phone to know where more alcohol was hidden. The reply he got was that if he succeeded in finding the alcohol, when his partner returned home from shopping he would order the other guy out this very day, since the place belongs to him.

    The alcoholic was subsequently found passed out on the bed, having discovered the hidden bottle (one might ask why there was any alcohol in the residence in the first place). The other partner stormed out to meet with friends, my partner returning here to inform me of the drama.

    A moment ago we got a phone call from the sober partner, asking us to see if any of our mutual friends will take in the alcoholic temporarily, because drunk or not, he's being thrown out in about 4 hours when the other guy returns, I believe with his friends along. I hope we don't get called to assist, but can't refuse if asked.

    Will he calm down and relent by then? Who knows. We can't recruit anyone so far to take in the alcoholic, not surprisingly, and we can't handle it ourselves. We just let this office-bedroom go back to mostly storage, after having cleared it for pauflexes, and we can't do it again on that short notice (we have to drive cross-town to a storage rental unit), nor do we want someone having an alcoholic episode potentially damaging our office computers and other valuables.

    We think the best solution is another hospitalization, only this time I guess he's not coming back to his present place. Tough on everybody, we've all known each other for years, would like to remain friends with both of them. I must admit I do see more of this drama in the gay community (lesbians included) than I ever did in the straight. You guys experience the same? It really stresses us, and we hate to see our friends unhappy, and evidently breaking up. icon_sad.gif
  • DanOmatic

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    Apr 28, 2012 11:13 PM GMT
    Sorry to hear that, Art Deco. Alcoholism and drug addiction take a terrible toll on the abuser and those close to them. Your friend is probably doing the right thing by putting his foot down and ending things with his bf, or at least separating from him. To do otherwise will only continue enabling the addict to ruin his own life and take down all of those close to him in the process. It's sad, but I know you'll be a good support to your friend.