What makes u think Christianity is an Anti-Gay religion ? Do u really think it is !(p.s.- I'm not converting anyone here) Please a must read at-least once !

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    Apr 29, 2012 7:46 AM GMT
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    Apr 29, 2012 7:53 AM GMT
    Why was homo considered a sin ?

    Saint Paul was a person who set up rules to abstain people from having homosex ,back in the days in the early AD .there where only three prime religions & every father would have at-least 3 wives & many sons & grand-children
    there objective was to spread their family to conquer more of the desert & more of the land , but for example back in the days there was no test-tube baby.
    so a man who is gay couldn't have produced an offspring & the genealogy would cease from him
    like a father just having one son who was gay ,there where no chances he could give him another offspring & this would be a threat to the existence of family in future
    so in order to avoidBOLD TEXT GOES HERE that homo was declared a sin & closet homos would marry girls & bring out kids to further their rule.

    IS a Homo hater a Gay?

    honestly the answer is - yes ,mostly
    anyone who condemns homo sexuality is a gay
    coz those straight who are not gays & bi never think of gays ever & have nothing to invest their mind on it
    only a gay thinks of a gay & its sure he/she is gay
    & scientifically proven.
    Every guy who abused me in the past were the ones who used to ask me for sex & when i refused them they would abuse me & say they are straights & i wondered whats that?
    now i know they were gays who are losers & gonna marry girls to cover their sexuality ,nothing else.

    I was a very intelligent kid & topper in any studies while i was in Asia
    I have failed three years of my life & had bad times with brain freezing & never went to High School fearing all this & did my private education fro m other universities
    i had no one to express myself & any other guy would have been in my situation would have committed suicide till then
    there were times when i used to look at my mom & dad & cry badly that i am such a bad person by the assumption.

    Years of debate, & shit (which i dont listen to).i have come up with this thing after getting & questioning myself what is my wrong in being born this way?
    I am an obedient son, a very strict humanitarian , a generous soul,a helpful human being,I am not a terrorist & killing others(like Al-Quaida & Osama) ,never cheated or hardly do i lie ,I never ruin anyone's life,i help the poor & needy,not a racist nor do i do bad to anyone.
    is just being a gay making me a sinner?

    I slept one day & God gave me a vision(yes trust me,if u believe an Anti-Christ like Saint Paul got one & even i got a vision & if it aint vision Lord guided me and set me free)
    what i wrote above is not from any website or a copied stuff
    i don't lie & if u believe it its just what something guided to write up

    SO anyone now saying GOD hates fag ,
    "say what i wrote up"
    cuz God is Love as mentioned in bible
    then how can he Hate anything
    that's so contrary ,ain't it ,Its not God hates us but Saint Paul said it on his own

    this is an answer how much there's false report in the bible itself
    Many Churches are understanding it now !

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    Apr 29, 2012 7:55 AM GMT
    (p.s.) this ain't an aim for defaming anyone what-so-ever,its just for those people like me who suffer the wrath of the imposter people who say thy are Christians & spread hatred.

    Being a Christian & hating & speaking & thinking so foul?
    Thats Anti-Christian my friends
    All those who became an anti-christian now coz of the word-play & "god hates Fag" statements its the same for u
    I am not trying to bring u back into Christianity
    but if Romans 1:27 made u an Anti-christian ,then please think what i said ten times ,u would receive your answer
    it's just to tell u that God still loves u , no matter if u believe in him or not
    & he is Love in him is not hate at all
    just as white can't be made of black!

    i know all of you who have gone through this
    some are even married to girls fearing it ,but brothers this was the outcome ,if u would've have been a little thoughtful ,you would've got the same answer
    & whenever u want an answer dont think just from that brain
    not every time can u get answers from them .think from your inner self( that's what God guides u in) ..u will never
    be wrong.

    As for those brothers who are struggling with HIV & AIDS my love & prayers for all ,& keep this in mind everyone has to die one day someone fast someone later or someone now
    Don't fear death , all for what human comes in this world is to gain some love & pass out one fine day where there is everyone in front of hm while he is dying & showing how much they mean to him.
    Just find love goes money dies,body dies but love honestly is immortal

    U just find that love will remain even after u are there or not
    that's whats your value is!
    Many of u would have your mother or dad having been living with their partner dead & still they remember them & love them,thats the love!
    Love reigns over everything
    Sex ,body all one day just fade off ...love never dies

    Choose love over sex always !

    & try to copy what i said & help others who are struggling with the same question
    I will be grateful to u & so are u doing your bit to help raise a society where everyone is equal

    Be Proud & free brothers
    coz what u are ,is what u are ,u aint a sinner but a child of God & he loves u irrespective of anything no matter what Saint Paul says(he aint my God).
    God gave homosexuality as your gift ,accept it & be thankful to God coz we not one but millions of Homosexuals living today
    & as its said god never does a mistake so how can you think god made a mistake of giving birth to millions of us
    We are gifted !
    Love Thee
    Be Happy & Proud ,we are born this way !


    My facebook is samuel.lanczxes@gmail.com
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    Apr 29, 2012 8:55 AM GMT
    I'm Christian and didn't need a "vision" to realize it's not a sin to be gay. Most just don't bother to question interpretations of Scripture that don't affect them, but anyone who does their homework knows that the Biblical position on this is completely debatable.

    My pastor (not from my home church where i'm still closeted) even admitted that he's only 70% sure about his position, but did not want to rock the boat, since people aren't ready for it.

    People should visit gaychristian.net to read up on both sides of the debate. It's a shame how many lose the faith over this.
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    Apr 29, 2012 12:39 PM GMT
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    Apr 30, 2012 5:47 AM GMT
    showme saidtl;dr

    What that?
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    Apr 30, 2012 7:28 AM GMT
    Sam_u_el saidWhat makes u think Christianity is an Anti-Gay religion ?
    The persecution that I've received from it since the day I realized I'm gay.
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    Apr 30, 2012 7:29 AM GMT
    Sam_u_el said
    showme saidtl;dr

    What that?
    tl;dr = too long; didn't read
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    Apr 30, 2012 10:23 AM GMT
    I did my bit to help other Christian gay guys
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    Apr 30, 2012 11:37 PM GMT
    i didn't read it either lol. My condensed version may or may not reflect OP's views.
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    May 01, 2012 6:54 AM GMT
    Sam_u_el saidI did my bit to help other Christian gay guys
    I did my bit to have fun with them on the DL in the church pews during sleepovers at the building. icon_twisted.gif
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    May 01, 2012 6:11 PM GMT
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    May 02, 2012 1:24 AM GMT
    Sam_u_el saidPlease read it & copy paste it to every of your homosexual & even heterosexuals,its purely what my expressions are for my LGBTE community & not a copied stuff from somewhere
    Please if u like it share it as much as u can
    & those who are Atheist & a-religious please no bad posts or words saying against anyone's faith
    If u aren't a christian then don't hurt others who are, that's how u let others life & make a better society where there;s no hate
    Its fine if you are an atheist but don't defame anyone & be a good person
    My facebook is samuel.lanczxes@gmail.com
    add me if you want any help or guidance
    & yes i am not a messiah nor a Pastor ...but just being a Spiritual Christian is enough for me to express myself ,don't need a degree or a level to preach myself just my goodwill & better thinking is enough for me to preach the essence of Christianity
    i know its stupid to write so much while i can post just i used to in the past but i think its my duty to help those who commit suicide for thinking gay is a sin & fakers who say Christianity says homo a sin
    & please don't worry i know some are gonna attack me for this thread or anything but unlike them its not a hate thread just a step to guide my fellows what they are doing ain't to be ashamed of !

    My gay torture !
    I was raised in India(Asia) in a catholic school
    & i was open about myself & remember i was short in height & used to sit in the front desk & back of me everyone used to call me gays & abused my parents for giving me birth & when i would turn around they would be as if "what happened ?" did someone say u something
    & the population there is heavy so in a class of about 60 students 59 would bully me
    & write on the class board my name & a foul word
    or while paying on the ground everyone used to keep distances from me & throe me out of the team & would sit & watch them play.
    I know im am emotional again & have tears while writing this but those gays who ewere with me would abuse in front of other straights guys to show they were straights
    I actually never had a child-hood just have horrific memories
    & my age was just 10 years then can u imagine what i went through ,now im 22
    I never told my parents all this fearing those times i would have been outed & open to them,so i gulped that torture
    i had twin brother & those bullies would tell him fake stories of me having sex with guys though i never did anything ever ,they would ask my brother to abuse me as well & he used to do & used to bully me that if i don't follow hos instructions he would expose me to parents
    so had horrendous child-hood
    their slangs & words for gays in Asia is the worst & no English word can match them & Gay bullying in Asia is the worst then anywhere in the whole planet.
    i cried so much , all alone.
    i am a Gay but wont ruin the life of a girl who is gonna marry me .i would open out parents once i am dependent on my own-self
    the world knows im gay ,its just i need time to express my parents & im sure my lovely parents will accept me.
    Its not i am ashamed to tell them now but the time will come when i feel its right & would act accordingly !wont marry a girl ever to cover my sexuality ,coz im an honest individual ,proud of my actions

    What makes u think Christianity is an Anti-Gay religion ? Do u really think it is !
    I am an adherent Christian
    I don't force anyone to follow what i am mentioning just clarifying my motives of Christianity is falsely stated as an Anti-Christian faith by nerds like Saint Paul & others

    Who is Saint Paul?
    -Well he is an Antichrist who was in the ranking to kill Jesus !
    Then after the Christ was crucified, he said he got a vision & then he accepted Christianity(what the f*ck)

    Why u should only read the Gospels(Matthew,Mark,Luke,John) & not any other Christian Book ?
    -Well my answer is only the Gospel has words which Jesus Said ,rest books are made up on the author of it on his own proclaiming & saying that holy spirit said him to do write it.
    I was a struggling homo in a country where homos are murdered officially by Government rules "legally"
    I had tough time,as a kid(age 15 when i realized it),i read Romans 1:26 7 so on//.....I was astonished to see what was written in it.The bad language for homosexuals was uncensored & shit.i read it ten times & realized is it really how a person with holy spirit spit out fire outta his mouth ?
    I answered my inner-self & knew its not God but a man who is using the means of fooling others to believe his sentiments for gays under the umbrella of Holy spirit.

    How can i say that Christianity ain't homophobic?
    I read Matthew 19:12 , & found what Jesus said for Eunuchs that they are given chance of heaven & when i read back the Jewish Bible(old testament) it was said any man castrating or being a homo is a sinner.
    then if it was a sin why did Jesus say that gates of heaven are open for Eunuchs ?
    Answer is coz Jesus came to Change the mistakes of the Old testament
    1) Circumcision Abandonment,cuz just cutting of a foreskin don't make you a son of God having faith in him does)
    2) Abandoning Animal Sacrifices(coz u killing an animal & still being a a devil from inside wont rinse you up).
    3) Proclaiming monogamy over Polygamy(coz how can u love someone while have sex with hundreds of others?) love is the unity of heart,body & soul & having your body with hundreds cant say u are in love while u are married & fucking with others(like in Islam polygamy is allowed )
    4) If that was a sin in Old Testament for example,what Job thought was that his son fucking him & falsely cursed him for nothing!) even if it was the jesus died on the cross & took it & rinsed it for every sin on the crucifix(which is a symbol of sin being taken on it ),Jesus dies & took that old sin of killing the homos & rinsed it off, then we are no more a sin.

    Why do i say Christ Jesus is not a homophobe?
    during his 32 years of stay on earth ,Jesus revolted every thing that was a sin in his eyes( i mean just every thing).
    He never said or mentioned a word against homosexuality ever!
    think over it that Jesus was a strong speaker if homo was a sin he would have at-least mentioned them in his speech ,fact is he never did
    Cuz it was not a sin too him or else he would have said it.

    What is the real Bible should u read?
    well as per my claim ,All books outside Gospels are not what Jesus said or spoke .they are impersonated as the word what holy spirit said to the authors of those book .
    but if Jesus told the way of life in the Gospels then why do you need to read other books made by people with their ideas.every now & then some people even today say they have holy-spirit ,...then even they will write up an instruction book & say its what spirit guided them to do
    fact is its not what Jesus said was enough to follow & if u follow other books then they are not what Jesus said as you know it means u are following a book which ain't the truth but a corrupt file.

    As a Religious Scientist, I believe in the Christ consciousness. But I do understand that traditional Christians tend to argue over gay Christianity. To what extent Christ was or is human (I believe in reincarnation), the moral of the story is that of unconditional love. I've been guilty of hate. Hate destroys all that is kind and gentle. It robs all who are gifted. I go to a Christian church where my sexual orientation is not the center of speculation, my faith is and is shown out of love. Forgiveness is of us all and within us all that are human. Peace is accepting things just as they are and contributing that which does not cause us harm towards one another. Sway when you must, but always remember Truth is down the middle.
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    May 02, 2012 2:40 PM GMT
    Correct !
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    May 03, 2012 5:26 AM GMT
    Sam_u_el saidWhat makes u think Christianity is an Anti-Gay religion ?
    Yet another reason:
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    May 07, 2012 10:30 AM GMT
    Well its not Christianity thats what a a retarded human did
    not what a religion told him to do so!
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    May 07, 2012 2:21 PM GMT