West Bank evacuations could lead to another political assassination

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    Apr 29, 2012 2:59 PM GMT
    Referring to remarks by Knesset Speaker Rivlin, who warned of left- and right-wing extremism, Former Shin Bet chief head says rightists are much more violent.
    By Chaim Levinson

    From Isreals HAARETZ NEWS

    Right-wing extremism is Israel much more violent than that originating in the political left, former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin was recorded as saying on Friday, adding that an attempt to evacuate West Bank settlements could result in an event similar to the assassination of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

    Earlier Saturday, remarks made by the former security official were made public, according to which he had "no faith" in the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

    Later Saturday, more remarks made by Diskin during a Friday meet were released. Included in those remarks was an assertion that Israel's right-wing extremists are more violent than those from the left-wing – a warning against the possibility of a violent outbreak that could ensue following an attempt to evacuate West Bank settlements.

    "The Rabin assassination can repeat itself. There are extremist Jews within the Green Line as well, not only in the territories. It's an optical illusion that they're all in the territories," Diskin said.

    The former top security official said that these extremists arrive "in settlement evacuation situations," adding that evacuations in the West Bank would be "much more difficult" than in Gaza.

    "There are dozens willing to use firearms against their Jewish brothers in such a situation," Diskin said.

    HMMMM !!! and this is supposed to be our DEMOCRATIC partner in the Middle East ? with Democracies like this as an example of democratic principles America Supports, no wonder we're so hated in the Middle East.

    They're thieving land from their neighbors and killing those who appose the theft in our names, with our tax dollars support and with the Christian Fundi donations. Worse still the canisters that often kill peaceful Palestinian protesters have 'made in USA' written on them.
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    Apr 30, 2012 11:02 AM GMT
    The New York Times
    Israel Retroactively Legalizes 3 West Bank Settlements
    Published: April 24, 2012

    JERUSALEM — The Israeli government on Tuesday retroactively legalized three Jewish settlement outposts in the West Bank, and moved to delay the scheduled evacuation of a fourth, in a provocative move that some critics said marked the first establishment of new settlements in two decades.

    ... antisettlement advocates saw it as a significant shift in policy that could undermine the prospects for a two-state solution ...

    Michael Sfard, a legal adviser to Yesh Din, a human rights group that helped bring the legal cases against the settlements, pointed to two of the government’s own reports on illegal outposts that listed the three as problematic. “The question is whether you can retroactively legalize it,” he said. “This government only now reaches the crossroads, the dilemma: it has to choose between the rule of law and ideology.”

    The international community broadly views settlement in the West Bank as illegal, but Israel draws a distinction between those communities it has officially sanctioned and outposts that settlers built without permission.

    Hagit Ofran, who monitors settlement growth for Peace Now, said 17 such outposts were being challenged in court, and that the legalization of the three signaled a dangerous precedent, because “no government before ever dared to take such an action.”

    The State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, said the United States was concerned by the decision and was seeking clarification from the Israelis. “We don’t think this is helpful to the process and we don’t accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity,” she said.
    Perhaps even more significant is the case of Ulpana, a spinoff of the settlement of Bet El, which was built with government authorization and subsidies, but sits on private Palestinian land whose sale is being challenged in court.

    Last year, the Netanyahu administration promised to remove all settlements on private lands, and told the Supreme Court it would evacuate five buildings housing 30 families in Ulpana by May 1. Now, it is asking the court for more time to sort out the specifics regarding the sale, and Mr. Netanyahu said in a radio interview on Tuesday, “We are looking for ways to prevent the destruction of the homes.”
    With the peace process stagnant and discussions of the Iran nuclear threat having momentarily quieted, the question of settlement expansion has gained new focus, particularly since a Supreme Court decision last month ordering the dismantling by Aug. 1 of Migron, an outpost of 50 families also built on private Palestinian land.
    In Ulpana the ... dispute there concerns 5 of the 14 brick buildings, each with six apartments, built on about six acres that appear to have been fraudulently sold to the settlers by a Palestinian who did not actually own it.

    Harbi Ibrahim Mustafa Hasan, 70, said that the land belonged to him and a dozen relatives, and that it had been in his family for perhaps 400 years. ... But he was adamant that a financial settlement would not suffice. “This land is not for sale,” Mr. Hasan said in a telephone interview. “This is part of our inheritance, part of our culture, part of our religion, part of our family.”

    source: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/25/world/middleeast/israel-legalizes-3-west-bank-settlements.html?_r=2&pagewanted=2&ref=middleeast&pagewanted=all