Training distances for Half marathons

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    Apr 29, 2012 7:54 PM GMT
    If you are doing a half marathon, how far do you run each week? Do you follow a structured programme?

    Thanks to work commitments (and also the fact that I also want to go to the gym/or go have a life) I normally train 3 times a week for a half marathon. I've one beginning of July, I'm just up to the 9 mile mark.

    I heard one of the ways to train was start off running a set distance and just increase it by 1 mile each week. However, I'm weary about doing too much each week - could this have damage?

    My overall aim is to get a respectable time of 1 hour 40., My PB is 1 hour 35 (which was on a completely flat surface and I had to kill myself for!!)

    I have had a look at a set programme which has suggested training more days a week and I'm not sure if I'm that keen.

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    Apr 29, 2012 9:07 PM GMT
    There are any number of training plans on line e.g.,7120,s6-238-591--14225-0,00.html.

    As for # of days, you can do well on just 3 days, maybe pushing to 4 days during the month before the race. I never run more than 4 days a week for my marathon training. The key is to make each run count, so no trash miles. Each run should have a target or focus, building you toward your peak in both endurance and speed.

    Keep us posted on your progress.
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    Apr 29, 2012 10:30 PM GMT
    Three days is perfectly doable for training for a half.

    What I would do is great it up so that you have two workouts a week the focus on your time goal. So some shorter runs where you work on strength/power. Hill repeats, fartlek, sprints, tempo runs and so on. Then have a longer distance day where you are working on comfortably covering the distance.

    The general rule is to only add 10% week over week but that doesn't mean you have to add that 10% to each workout. So if you week is 5, 5 and 10 the 10% would be a two mile increase for the next week and you could go with 5, 5 and 12 or 5, 6 and 11 or whatever you need to work on.

    Lastly make sure you are taking it easier every fourth week where you reduce milage and intensity to give your legs a break.

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    Apr 30, 2012 9:15 PM GMT
    Thanks guys! I will keep you all posted on progress plus I really like the idea of the 2 shorter/more intense runs and one long one! Mainly because I can get a bit "runned out"....