Fraud being committed by medical tourism company along with its lawyers in India

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    Apr 30, 2012 5:46 PM GMT
    Hi All,
    We are a Same Sex Couple from Boston, U.S.A. we approached a hospital in Delhi, India for undergoing Surrogacy Treatment. After discussions with the hospital management I was offered an Agreement by the Hospital authorities that included all the details of my schedules of travel. To verify the agreement I had approached our attorney in USA. He said that as he cannot verify the agreement that was made in India according to laws of India and he gave me a number of Mr. Hari from Indian Surrogacy Law Center, Chennai, India who claims to be an expert in Law of Surrogacy in India. I contacted him and he agreed to verify the agreement and we After three days he came back to us stating that the contract has many loopholes and would not stand in a court of law in India and needed changes.
    Then after few days when we asked him to draft a contract for us he asked for fees of 3000us$,we were reluctant to pay such a huge sum but he used scare tactics on us such as what if your surrogate decided to keep the baby? He also said he had contacts with the Indian health minister and Indian authorities and would get us a birth certificate with the names of both of us on the BC. We reluctantly agreed to pay him the money. After payment the real headaches started for us, for starters he kept delaying the matters for more than a month on one or more pretext, amongst which was-I am part of the drafting committee of the ART bill and will be busy because of that and instead of drafting a contract for us he asked us to approach an agency based in California USA for undergoing Surrogacy. As we did not want to use services of the agency, we refused him to do so and asked him to give us the contract re-drafted. He insisted that we approach the agency, when we disagreed to do so, he said that he will draft the new contract and send to us. But after a month too we have not received any contract and he has stopped answering any phones, e-mails and texts.
    Can anyone suggest me a forum to file complaints against such lawyers and I strongly recommend people not to use services of Mr. Hari and Indian Surrogacy Law Center
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    May 01, 2012 1:41 AM GMT
    Sorry to hear of your loss. It is India, after all, and there isn't much real law in India - just the appearance of same. If your USA attorney "recommended" the Indian attorney, you may be able to sue the USA attorney for malpractice (for making a negligent legal referral) depending on the state the USA attorney is in.