Palestinian leader, calls on Netanyahu to halt construction in settlements, return to talks.

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    May 01, 2012 5:29 AM GMT
    By Avi Issacharoff For HAARETZ NEWS

    "Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told the Tunisian parliament on Monday, "I choose you [Benjamin] Netanyahu as my partner for peace. With whom else can I make peace?"

    He qualified the unusual statement, however, by adding that Netanyahu must "choose between settlements and peace."

    Speaking to Tunisia's interim parliament, Abbas reiterated his demands from Israel: halting construction in the settlements, recognition of the two-state solution and acceptance of the principle of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

    Abbas expressed his willingness to return to negotiations with Israel, but insisted that such a move would be conditional upon Israel halting settlement construction.

    He added that the Palestinian Authority's request that the UN recognize Palestine as an independent state would remain in effect, and that there is no contradiction between the two processes.

    Abbas also said the Palestinians had made a decision to take the issue of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails to the UN as well. According to Palestinian human rights groups, some 2,500 Palestinian prisoners are currently on a hunger strike.

    Last month, a delegation of senior Palestinian officials met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, where they presented him with a lengthy letter from Abbas calling on him to return to the negotiating table".

    As is the norm with Israel's propaganda, (accusing others of what Israel itself is doing) Nuttyahoo claims its a 'precondition' for Abbas to insist on the Israeli's illegal settlement building on Palestinian land to be stopped. Yet Nuttyahoo will not acknowledge that his promoting and approving 7000 Settlement units just last year alone is creating 'precontditions' on the Palestinian ground.

    What other choice does Abbas have but to insist on the Settlement building to be stopped? This shows the world how Hypocritical Israel is in breaking international law in stealing land for settlements then trying to blame the Palestinians for not seeking peace and not compromising. This is the only way the world bodies will see the reality of what is going on and do something about it, like granting at least limited membership as a state in the UN. Then what will Israel do, try to withold funds again from the Palestinians in punishment for exposing them at the UN? Is it any wonder Israel is so Isolated ?

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    May 01, 2012 3:28 PM GMT
    From a HAARETZ NEWS EDITORIAL about Diskins exposing Netanyahu's adding settlements to the demise of peace talks with the Palestinians.

    What Diskin says is extremely important. In the six years that ended last May, Diskin headed the Shin Bet, the agency responsible for dealing with the Palestinians both politically and security-wise. So there is great significance in his words: "Forget about the stories they're selling you that Abu Mazen [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] doesn't want to talk. They're not talking to the Palestinians because this government has no interest in talking to the Palestinians."

    Diskin's comments peel off the government's mask - that it's constantly striving for peace but coming up against opposition from the other side. Diskin's remark about the Arabs of Israel - "Israel has become more and more racist in the past 15 years" - is also worrisome when uttered by the former Shin Bet chief.

    His warnings on these two issues, which we heard when he was in office as well, are a call for an immediate change in the Netanyahu-Barak government's policies. This is especially the case because Barak last year forecast a heap of trouble with the Palestinians ("a tsunami" ). Even though this hasn't proved true, a crisis will occur in good time.

    As one commenter put it:

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    Joe Mevorah 30.04.12 03:57 Not only is it time to listen attentively, but also the time to vote Netanyahu, Barack, Lieberman, and the rest of these people out of office, and seriously negotiate with the Palestinians, Time is running out.