Sam Stein

"We haven't even started really talking in Ohio about Mitt Romney having a Swiss bank account and Mitt Romney putting a portion of his wealth, having it invested in the Cayman Islands," said Strickland. "I mean, trust me, that's not going to go over well in Ohio. Why would any person who aspired to be president, as Mitt Romney has for probably much of his life, open a Swiss bank account? What does that say about his political judgment and what does it say about his commitment to the United States of America?"

On Tuesday morning, the Obama campaign followed Strickland's script to a T, putting out an ad in Ohio called, of all things, "Swiss Bank Account." The spot will air in Virginia and Iowa as well, and according to a campaign aide, has a significant amount of money behind it.

The ad is actually a response to another one being run by a conservative outside group attacking the president for his alternative energy policies. And for that reason it opens up by pointing out that that group, Americans for Prosperity, was accused by fact-checkers of using inaccurate or downright false information. From there, however, there are only haymakers.

"As a corporate CEO, [Romney] shipped American jobs to places like Mexico and China," the script goes. "As Governor, he outsourced state jobs to a call center in India. He's still pushing tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. It’s just what you expect from a guy who had a Swiss Bank Account."

"There are only 2 reasons to have a Swiss bank account: hedging against the dollar or avoiding paying fair share in taxes," tweeted Obama Press Secretary Ben LaBolt.

The longer this campaign goes on the more out of touch Romney will naturally appear. His is so completely void of the American Middle Class's normal that he's a joke.