My Grandmother Mary on my Father's side was a very heavy Scottish and Indian woman. I remember she use to wear her hair in two braids down the sides. The only discipline I got from her was when I allowed my teeth to scrape along my spoon or fork while eating. She had etiquette!

It wasn't just that I got all the See's candy I wanted, but the big lap I could jump on whenever she was watching the movies my Grandfather worked on during his career at Technicolor Studios (my Uncle later climbed to VP status).

I have no memories of my Grandmother's eating habits, maybe it was something she did alone. I do remember her spending most of her life painting Disney ceramics as holiday gifts for the people my Grandfather worked with. She had a huge heart along with her mass.

The downfall of the positive things I liked of her being overweight was that she died of a stroke at age 48. Clearly it was due to her weight and yet I saw pictures of her as a thin woman when she was young.

The last time I saw her I was 8 years old. Regardless of how "fat" others might think of her as, beauty also remains in the eye of the beholder and the large shadow of it encompasses my life even to this day.

RIP Mary and Larry.