You've probably seen it: a husband and wife in a church pew with their arms around each other rubbing each other's backs, someone petting their dog--or the dog rolling over on his/her back so you can rub their belly, a child holding on to a parent carrying them not just for transport but for emotional comfort.

You've probably heard it: low dysfunctional family members, teammates, or people who cooperate at a high performance level. There are words of nurture, encouragement, and maybe statements to endure life.

For the above two reasons, I'm thinking this is the way to behave with someone age 40 and over. I also think people over the age of majority would also benefit from public and private displays and declarations of platonic affection.

On some night of your day off, would you enjoy laying on a sofa next to someone of the same gender watching standup comedians or listening to chamber music? Those could be examples of private displays of platonic affection.

What if there were an arch in your home where someone of your same gender could put his/her feet on one side of the arch and yours at the other side and you two used your naked backs as back supports while, say one of you read Life Extension magazine and the other one read The Week magazine?

May all real jock members have the blessings of human touch as a loving means of maintaining a relaxed blood pressure and pulse rate.