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Consider the case of a 12th house Mars. Mars is the archetypal warrior, representing the ability to set boundaries, be self-assertive, get angry when necessary. People with a 12th house Mars often have difficulty going after what they want. They’re outwardly gentle and agreeable, for the most part lacking Mars’ sharp attacks. You can cross them several times and get no reaction, but one day, someone, possibly you, will receive a full-blown Mars explosion. The 35-year-old computer programmer will disappear and a 2-year-old in tantrum will take his place. But the person acting out won't know what hit you. He may have sent you vicious emails, vilified your name in the public square, but when it’s time for an apology, he’ll brush it off. To truly regret his actions, his 12th house Mars would have to reach consciousness first.

To keep a lover, friend, same-sex husband, or to consider someone to be one of those, I'm not going to ignore the 12th house.

I'm coining the phrase "Beyond Jesus!" because I specialize in Christianity at the End of the Age of Pisces. Christianity is an outgrowth of the then new age, Pisces. One of the symbols of Christianity is the fish. Jesus fed 5,000 men fish. Was that a miracle or symbolic of a teacher feeding an audience new mores for the age of Pisces that was upon them?

As we leave the age of Pisces, what was esoteric can be mainstream. What was not in the Christian New Testament (Gospels and other writings) can be better lessons of compassion and love.