Etiquette question: How to avoid getting ravished by an old friend

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    May 08, 2012 2:50 AM GMT
    I am going back to visit friends in a town I lived in five years ago. Should I get in touch with an acquaintance there I fooled around with? I do not want to snub him. I made a visit there two years ago and a few pictures from the trip made their way onto Facebook; he saw them and sent me a neutral note just wondering if I had been in town, and we've exchanged a few emails since then.

    Here is why I am unsure what to do: If I did see him, I am fairly certain he would try to make a pass at me. I would bet he'd invite me over for dinner and seduce me there (which was his M.O. when I lived there). When I knew him, I was new to being gay and just trying things out; in fact, he made it clear he would have wanted to pursue a serious relationship, but he didn't turn down the prospect of fun.

    It's not that I find him unattractive. It's that I've changed since I knew him; I really am not interested in random sex, even with old fuck buddies. Is there some way I can avoid a situation where I have to reject his advances? Maybe recommend we meet somewhere public (although that sounds hysterical, considering he is not a stranger)?

  • bmoney1

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    May 09, 2012 3:21 PM GMT
    You don't owe him anything. You don't have to hit him up if you don't want to. Moreover, you shouldn't let yourself be seduced by him if you don't want to be.