You enjoy travelling but you don't want to go alone!! Why don't you post your desires here!! Maybe someone or many will want to join you!! icon_smile.gif

I love travelling, so If some of you want to travel we could organize something!!

I really enjoy Africa and Asia!! I would like to go back to Bali, Thailand, Namibia, Madagascar... but I'm ready to discover and visit new countries!!

I like all type of holidays, (cool relax organised...) but I prefer adventure holidays, where you go with your bag and you haven't planed everything yet or sport holidays (Bike trip )!!

I wont travel alone, so really if some of you are planing!! It can be cool!! The more we are the best it is!!

If I go in a group travelling I will like to travel with friends, so people mainly of my age with some same interest...

Sorry if my english is not perfect once again French is my native language!!