This came across my mind earlier:

Let's say you...RJ member "A" live on the west coast and you start e-mail chatting with RJ member "B" who lives a couple thousand miles away. You e-mail a lot, IM whenever, then.....You decide to spend a few days in "B's" city! You let him know when you'll be there so you can meet up for dinner, drinks, whatever....

Your "date" with RJ member "B" goes well. The conversation is lively, both of you are enjoying each other's company. The topic turns to sex drop the hint to "B" that you would hook up with him.

Should "B":

1. Say "Thanks, but no...." with the belief that sex should wait until the friendship gets a little deeper, or....

2. Sleep with "A" as after all, "A" did travel thousands of miles to see "B" and "B" might feel guilty about turning "A" down.

What do you think?