1) Christ manifested to bring humanity empathy.

[Steefen: Empathy wasn't the lesson of the Age of Aries. I kind of see that in the microcosm of Aries defined by Mars within the smaller locale of our solar system.]

2) With Christ there is less mind control than without Christ.

[When religion becomes less than progress from free thought, it looses its legitimacy.]

3) Christ came to make humans reach higher dimensions.

[Steefen: Remember, Joseph Campbell explains the virgin birth was about the birth of humans not from the lower dimensions of animal instinct or the lower rungs of Maslow's hieararchy but to have a human consciousness born at the heart chakra. The Human Consciousness during the Age of Aries was not the heart chakra.]

4) The high side of the Piscean vibration is compassion and gentleness, the age that opens the heart.

"The Age of Pisces is always profoundly dualistic because Pisces is a mutable sign that passes energy from the Age of Aries--activation of male force--into the Age of Aquarius--multidimensional human in body on Earth."

Now, at the end of the Age of Pisces, you do not need to go out and get a bottle of wine and wafers ..." Having an uncorrupted Christ consciousness was the most powerful movement towards freedom.

The Pleiadian Agenda: The New Cosmology for the Age of Light
by Barbara Hand Clow

Chapter 7: Alcyone Library and Tzokk'in--Keeper of Time
Section 5: "Anubis Tells the Real Story of Christ"

a playwright who is interested in Uncorrupted Christianity at the end of the Age of Pisces (That's why one of my works is titled Water Bearing Fish. The title means the The Age of the Waterbearer, Aquarius bears away the Age of the fish, Pisces.)