RON PAUL, Tells Congress what should be done with 'Firsters', Cantor and Ros-Lehtinen's AIPAC bill.

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    May 10, 2012 5:44 AM GMT
    Ron Paul on the latest bill that AIPAC has pushed through congress. This bill was pushed by the regular cast of Israel firsters. Cantor, Ros-Lehtinen, etc. The bill is HR 4133 the "US- Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Bill 2012". Ron Paul tells it straight.

    Explaining his opposition, Rep. Paul told his fellow lawmakers that “While I absolutely believe that Israel – and any other nation – should be free to determine for itself what is necessary for its national security, I do not believe that those decisions should be underwritten by US taxpayers and backed up by the US military.”
    “This bill states that it is the policy of the United States to ‘reaffirm the enduring commitment of the United States to the security of the State of Israel as a Jewish state,’” said the congressman. “However, according to our Constitution the policy of the United States government should be to protect the security of the United States, not to guarantee the religious, ethnic, or cultural composition of a foreign country. In fact, our own Constitution prohibits the establishment of any particular religion in the US.”
    “This bill will not help the United States, it will not help Israel ”concluded Paul. “It will implicitly authorize much more US interventionism in the region at a time when we cannot afford the foreign commitments we already have. It more likely will lead to war against Syria, Iran, or both. I urge my colleagues to vote against this bill.”

    I hope to god that this stupidity is stopped as Ron Paul suggests.

    This is the kind of Bullshit George Washington warned about when he stated that we should not be 'favoring one nation over another' to 'avoid taking on their battles as our own'. This stupidity of our leaders stating and acting as if 'there is no light between the US and Israel' for the jewish money for election funding has got to end, it is costing the US taxpayer dearly.

    This is a PRO USA PATRIOT stand to take, NOT ANTI SEMITIC one, its time the US took ISRAEL off its TIT.
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    May 10, 2012 4:47 PM GMT
    Anyone care to bet on what the AIPAC 'effectiveness' vote outcome was RE: the actual vote on this LOBBY LAP DOG piece of legislation ?
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    May 10, 2012 9:32 PM GMT
    There were only two in all of congress with character enough to get off AIPAC's lap for yet another of its much lobbied for pieces of legislation. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE !!
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    May 11, 2012 1:26 AM GMT
    Israeli News, Politics, Education & Advocacy----TOGETHER WITH ISRAEL !!!

    From their own Lobbying information site, Here's how the AIPAC crowd insures the Congressmen vote the AIPAC way.

    Congressional Impact AIPAC Activists to Press for Tough Iran Sanctions, Aid to Israel

    Source: AIPAC, 3-6-12



    "In a resounding show of support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, thousands of AIPAC activists from all 50 states will ascend Capitol Hill today to conduct more than 500 lobbying meetings with members of Congress and their staff.

    At the top of the agenda will be stopping Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability. AIPAC activists will encourage their representatives to support resolutions in the House and Senate (H. Res. 568 and S. Res. 380) affirming that it is U.S. policy to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability and opposing any reliance on a policy seeking to contain a nuclear-capable Iran.

    The Senate resolution is being led by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and Robert Casey (D-PA). The House resolution was introduced by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Ranking Member Howard Berman (D-CA).

    Similarly, delegates will urge senators to support the Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Human Rights Act of 2012 (S. 2101), which would escalate the level of sanctions against the regime’s human rights violators and sharply tighten the enforcement of existing sanctions law. The measure was introduced by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Ranking Member Richard Shelby (R-AL).

    AIPAC activists will also urge lawmakers to support the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which House and Senate members plan to introduce in the coming days. The legislation is expected to recommend several ways to strengthen U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation in such fields as missile defense, homeland security, energy, intelligence and cyber-security.

    The House version of the bill is being led by Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD), while the Senate legislation is being spearheaded by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Johnny Isakson (R-GA).

    Finally, the AIPAC citizen-lobbyists will be asking their representatives to support $3.1 billion in security assistance to Israel as part of the fiscal year 2013 budget. The aid request reflects the fifth year of the 10-year Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Israel, signed in 2007 and beginning in 2009, which called for a gradual increase in U.S. security assistance to the Jewish state in order to meet growing regional threats"

    Are all these politicians signing onto these AIPAC LOBBY Begging sprees, for their voters good or to ensure that they get the influence and money that comes along with supporting AIPACs every whim for Israel ?